An untapped Genius, the child behind the blade.

I was on the bus with a friend, when I overheard a conversation in which a young person was referred to as a street hustler on the grind. A hustler is deemed as someone that runs a lucrative and successful business who is adept at aggressive selling and illicit dealings. They are top sales people in their field with good business knowledge and visions. They identify their market, in today’s era this is vulnerable young people, they establish a measurable and repeatable sales process based on the experienced highs of drug addiction. Thus, giving them power and influence. Fear and greed the main incentives to ensure sustainability.

A Drug dealer will identify his/her target group, create a phenomenal sales pitch, maximise sales, which guarantee they tap into the ability and strength on the street.

A hustler knows his team and product well and will motivate and elevate his strongest motivators. They will maximise opportunities and analyse where to go in order to tap into their chosen market and always look for potential followers and customers wherever they go, to ensure a lucrative and steady growing business.

This got me thinking, as such skill demonstrates a high level of bound up knowledge, Zeal, commitment, dedication and potential untapped due to circumstances, experiences, and lack of opportunities. If I were to describe such excellent qualities within the corporate world this individual will be called a CEO or Operational manager.

The Sweet talker in the cooperate world would be known and labelled a good/strong communicator. The Individuals that hold the title of an Older who have young people following them, in the cooperate world will be seen as Managers and leaders who are followed by their staff team

So, I ask where it goes wrong, these young people have been ordained with gifts and attributes to ensure success and greatness within their lives. What turns potential into a Victim of the community. What experiences, situation, circumstances, and mental situations encourage our children to make a wrong decision.

Everyone is born with a gift to become someone in their future. How well are we motivating and stimulating our children to discover their potential and unleash it? Our children are smart an ingenious but groomed in the streets.

Does a broken home, raise a broken child? does struggles of single parenthood tackle one’s morals? Does growing in an unbalanced home raise an unbalanced child? what are the reasons why crime rates peak within single parent families? Single mothers cannot be made the scapegoat for crime, but what is it about the breakdown within the nuclear family that causes our young people to be more incarcerated than the next family group?

By November 2017, 35 children and young people had been murdered through this knife crime epidemic. 2018 has the UK deemed higher in knife violence than the USA. Why are our future leaders, our men, our boys becoming killers? What have we done as the leaders of yesterday and today to influence such a negative and brutal culture within our leaders of tomorrow?

Knife crime is not a colour issue, but a gender and age issue. Mothers from all cultures are crying, as our young men are becoming victims of the blade.

I look at my nine-year-old son and I shake with fear. What future will he have, if he must walk through street war just to get to school? graduating into the postcode war simply because of where he lives. How frightening it must be as another young person approaches you, not knowing if you will live to tell the tale, due to the uncertainty that you have the correct answer to their question. Fear of being stabbed because another man wants your girlfriend, frightened of being stabbed because you stand for peace. Schools are an academic institution where bags are to be filled with books and pencil cases, now they have another accessory, A BLADE.

I urge you to open your eyes. Look past the bravado. Behind the balaclava, sagging tracksuit and pose, stands a lost, vulnerable, and scared child scared seeking love. No doubt experiencing conflict at home as they embrace their rights as adolescents. Positive interaction decreases at home allowing them to fall prey to the hustlers, with sweet talk and false hope they commit their lives into the brother hood of the gang. Behind the blade is a lonely child fallen victim to untapped potential and blinded from their dream. Gang life is real but let’s shift our focus from fear to edification and growth.

Speak life over your children, encourage them in love, present options to them when they are young and encourage them to aspire to be great. What do your children, siblings, nieces, nephew’s cousin etc want to be when they are older? I can assure you it’s not dead.

Stand against knife crime as every child has a right to dream. Potential wasted on the street results in destruction and murder. Potential in the corporate world leads to success. You have an entrepreneur in your home, be the wind beneath their wings and encourage them to fly. LETS SOW SEEDS OF HOPE

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5 thoughts on “An untapped Genius, the child behind the blade.”

  1. I do agree with most said and i understand theses views .
    But also whether some one has come from a broken home / single parents or even suffered abuse i belive you choose your own future some young teens do take your wrong path and yes they need guidance in life. But many many children have been hurt abused from a young age . That does not make them become the abuse . Everyone makes mistakes and i belive there should be more guidance out there and places for the young genration to go.

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    1. I agree. Youth clubs are out there but children require more than a pool table and console now a days to keep them motivated and engaged. Clubs need to increase with intervention, apprenticeship courses etc.

      Children from abused families connect with adults at school, yet an untrained eye misses the signs of abuse.

      Silence and fear trap the child, further isolating their trauma. We need to inspire our kids when they are still children.

      Developing positive relationships by discussing what behaviour is deemed appropriate and not.

      Learn to listen to children when they report issues and strive to see the emotion behind the behaviour.

      To kill potential, one will destroy it while it is yet a seed, ensuring it cannot grow. Therefore we need to save the child in order to save the man.

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