Impact statement

At work I advise staff to be mindful of the impact their actions have on others; they are advised to reflect on their actions. If they knew at the beginning, the outcome that would prevail, would they make the same decision? As you planned my son’s murder, I was planning what college I wished to send him to. As you mapped to end his path at the age of 15, I saved to vibrantly celebrate his sweet 16. As you looked at my son with the eyes of hatred, my eyes were filled with love. As your heart beat rage filled adrenaline, my heart beat with love. You stabbed and killed your enemy; you stabbed and killed my son. You stole, in seconds, my baby, my boy; the route of your anger was my son. His name was Kyron Webb.

Today, as the victim of your actions, I want to tell you the impact you have had on me.

On the night of 17th October 2017, your blade opened the doorway to madness. When you made the decision to wield your knife and pierce the heart of Kyron, you cut death into the hearts, minds and soul of his family. You spilt blood into his brothers’ eyes, which cried out in bitter tears; you splashed blood into his sisters’ mouths, which gargled in their screams. As your knife brought darkness into Kyron’s world, so it brought darkness into mine.

As pain ripped through his body, as suffering embraced a child, bottomless pain and sorrow ripped through my soul. You see, your thoughtless actions sent out a ripple, a wave of blood that stained those who love him, bringing pain, heartache and yearning to his family. Blood that stained your hands, turning you from a child to a murderer; blood that stained your family, washing them with shame and disgrace, a ripple that washes over us until the day we die.

You did not know then, but know now; your actions killed me when you killed Kyron, leaving a corpse to raise children.

I express myself better in verse, so the rest will be penned in a poem.

My world declined into darkness, the night I received the call

My teenage son Kyron, was found lying in a blood pool

He had been stabbed in the heart for reasons unknown

A pointless act which would mean my baby would not be grown

I watched machines breathe for him, as his butchered body lay still

Death laid there over him, there was no cure or pill

His brain was starved of oxygen, over 12 hours they fought for him

To stabilise the internal bleed, your blade caused within

42 blood transfusions, they were no longer able to determine a blood type

His organs could have saved others, but your hand took that from our sight

As I buried my son, I wanted to bury myself

My son’s death stole sleep, my appetite and my health

My children required therapy, as your actions pushed them to fear

Nights filled with nightmares, sorrow, horror and tears

His older brother saw no hope, his light was stolen away

Day after day, in sorrow he would lay

I don’t want to live without him, without him I cannot go on

These were his cries on Christmas morning that was his festive song

Instead of carols, by the Christmas tree we stood and cried to dirt

Young innocent babies at Christmas, because of you, unwrapped hurt.

At nine, my twins have insomnia, my preteen silence engulfed

Misery held their little hearts, as their brother’s name they spoke

They fear they may forget him, as you stole him from them so young

Pain in the heart of innocence; darkness and grief for them has begun

In their early years you brought death, to steal away children’s joy

Their brother, their best friend, their world was that little boy

The light of his brother, your hand has snuffed away

He merely exists, unable to live, he is broken till this day

Concentration left us; focus was no longer my friend

Life as I once knew, on the corner of Worsley Avenue did end

The darkness of depression and madness scratched my eyes

The heavy ache of morning, bruises my chest where it lies

When your mother wants to visit, she can hear your words behind glass

You have made it, that I speak to my son under dirt, rocks and grass

Never again can I kiss him, hug him or hear his sweet, soft voice

All because your ego and ignorance caused you to make the wrong choice

How have you impacted me? What did your actions cause?

A life time of nothing. Emptiness. My life is now on pause

I find I have to teach myself, how to laugh and have fun

When others smile in happiness, I’m sad. I think of my son

When light motivates the world to rise, darkness requests I still lay

In the embrace of madness, as your hand, sanity it slayed

You walked the streets of Manchester, a roaring beast, set to devour

You ate the hearts of many, as you embraced cowardness within that hour

On the 9th March you stood as a man, taking accountability for your actions

I was angered a little by the deadness of your reactions

I wanted more; your sorrow; your tears; to see you suffer

Half of how you made me feel, or even the pain of your mother

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Revenge is just for God

What makes a monster is to spoil a child and remove them away from the rod

If you knew a family would fall, as you pierced the heart of my soldier

Would you have carried it out, chose another path, seen a foe or a brother?

Would you have considered your desired outcome and sought a way to achieve your goal?

Eliminating death and prison, freeing me from my deathly sorrow

Would you have allowed me to live in the light, as opposed to co-exist in darkness?

Would you have kept the gates of destruction closed and away from the children’s faces?

Would you have let Kyron breathe, instead of hollowness offer up embraces?

Would you have allowed their small eyes to see the beauty of the world instead of deathly darkness?

Would you have allowed his breath to kiss their face, instead of a death, instead of this nothingness?

15 years old. Decades you stole from me!

No matter what is chosen for you, one day you will again be free

Kyron, because of you, will no longer see the light of day

He will never go to college, university, get married and with his children play

His nieces and nephews will know him, in pictures and by name

Their memories as my own, will never be the same

You stole so much that night, you took away my joy

I remain the mother, but you’re the murderer of my little boy.

Despite this, Young Man, hatred will not turn me black

I forgive you of your trespasses, and hope when you come back

You take this experience as a lessoned learned, and turn your life to something good

Live the life you were blessed with in the way that Kyron should

Showing mercy to others, becoming a pillar in society

Use the years to walk the path of criminal sobriety

Many years you stole from me; my son will never be a man

Did you think of me, when you both concocted your plan?

Your life cannot replace my son, no time you serve is enough

Your days behind a prison wall are not worse than death, though rough

No matter what your sentence be, as I said, one day, my friend, you will be free

But Kyron will still be dead, as you took him away from me.

He will never smile, or sense the joy I hoped destiny would bring

You stole a life of promise when you gave that deathly sting

On closing, know whatever your plans

My son’s blood will never be washed from your hands

Forever we are connected, yet I will feel no ill

I am the mother of Kyron Webb, the boy you chose to kill.

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

5 thoughts on “Impact statement”

  1. Rachel I don’t know how you manage to write all this. Everytime I read your updates, I find tears trickling down my cheeks. You are a brave woman and I admire you so much. This will go a long way helping other mothers and families that are going through the same. May God bless you as you continue to write more 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This leaves my heart, belly, soul and spirit churning and my mouth lost for words….
    I really hope and pray those boys read and digest this
    Still holding your hand sis. Xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rachael I am passing this to my cousin who lost his only child… one son to knife. Celebrating his birthday which ended with the same people ending his life.
    It also was a strategy to the next couple of years in which his uncle, my cousin took his own life followed by his mother my aunt who died of a cheery attack. I can only but imagine only in the slightest what you must be going through. My prayers go out to you and your family xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Angelina, firstly may I express my deepest and most sincere condolences to you and your family.

      No one but the victims truly understand the tragic and devastating impact that knife crime has on a family.

      Thank you for your bravery in reaching out to me and sharing your story. I am happy for you to forward on my details to your cousin.

      If I can offer any support and bring hope through encouragement to one, my experience has not been in vain. I hope to hear from you soon. Take care


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