Embrace your season

It is said that a season is divisions in time marked out by changes. The weather displays a change in season as do our lives. But do we recognise and appreciate the different seasons of life and process the message, lessons or even purpose for the observed change in your season.

We plant flowers in the ground to avoid soil erosion and to assist the Nitrogen cycle. We plant and invest within our own lives to ensure we are motivated to achieve the best life as possible. We seek financial security, loyalty, love and fun to ensure we sustain our emotional, mental, social and health needs. We celebrate positive milestones such as wealth, promotion, marriage, birth and Christenings. In death the greatest life celebration is carried out in masses. But how do we celebrate the seasons in between, do we value their purpose or appreciate the natural progression of a life that unfolds as it’s destined and not necessarily according to our plan.

We all have a time to be born and a time to die.

A time when we have stood in truth, and a time we have told a lie

A time when we have planted, the smiles when we have sown.

How do we handle seasons if the purpose for them is unknown

Winter is the coldest season of the year, yet a great snowpack helps to insulate the ground

The rain keeps the soil replenished, so in warmer months crops can be found

Bugs and bacteria that affect the fields are nicely kept at bay

Limiting our daily light, as time brings a shorter day

Winter comes after Autumn, yet also before spring

Hosting many celebrations that bring joy and make us sing

Skiing, snowboarding, curled by an open fire

Opening presents, drinking mauled wine, with the ones our heart desires

You see no matter how bleak our season may appear, a reason, beauty and purpose hides within. your days may become dark, as the cold displayed by your circumstances pricks at your skin, numbing you from the inside out. Leaving you so cold that your leaves begin to fall. With love, support and encouragement your steps can lead to spring. Taking one day at a time you will grow new leaves again. With the right support, time and love, your temperature will start to rise. Hope will enable your days t grown longer and darkness will reduce.

Without truly knowing pain, you will never appreciate the value of joy. Without crying, you will never fully absorb the beauty of laughter, for every day that brings death also brings new life, in every tragedy we see waves of unity and love. Without feeling the betrayal of a lie, can you ever appreciate the need for truth. In every season there is beauty, open your eyes and see. Do not allow your current circumstance to blind you from your destiny.

The season you are in is for now, if you allow it, you will overcome. Change will come as you pass through. Embrace your season as there is a hidden message in this time for you.

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2 thoughts on “Embrace your season”

  1. Reading your blog over and over
    I can feel your pain .please take it day by day step by step .
    Their is know words for comfort for a parent when you loose a child keep fighting my dear lovely x

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  2. Very nicely put. Taking it one day at a time is the only way to do it. I cant imagine the pain you feel as I would be destroyed if it happened to me. Keep your chin up.

    Liked by 1 person

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