Accepting your scars

On the 21st April 2018. Five months after we buried Kyron, my eldest son was stopped by two young men. He was asked “what ends you from” pushed around the corner and stabbed. Thankfully he did not sustain life threatening Injuries, however that does not mean that they were not life changing.

He healed physically but has been left with angry scars, that whisper a secret story. The words are interpreted differently by each member of the family. My son does not speak his tale as his story holds the emotional, physical and psychological scar of his real life horror. It had me thinking how do people live with scars, and how do such scars impact our confidence, self image, perception and life.

For some the scars are hidden, covered by clothing or buried within our emotional balance. As we bath we see the signature life left on our skin. We remember the circumstances that formed it. This may bring smiles, we may shed tears, or it may cause a heavy weight to squeeze against our chest cavity.

Scars generally form when there has been damage. As the body heals a scar appears changing our prior appearance as it leaves the survivors seal. It takes a lot to embrace ones scars, to let go of rejection, to be released from pain. It takes strength to stand tall again once you have been abused or suffered a trauma. It takes courage to stand knowing you are wonderful and fearfully made, despite whether your image resembles the girl in the glossy magazine, or your torso is ripped like Dwayne Johnson. It takes a warrior to rise out of adversity and decide no matter what they will not give up. It takes a conqueror to embrace their scars and stand against all odds.

It takes a strong person to say, I have been scarred but I am beautiful, I have been wounded but I am healed, I was shattered but I am not broken. Down but yet I rise. Many look but only see a scar. I urge you to open your eyes and see the person standing in front of you. Can you see they are smiling and giving you a life message. They are saying no matter what you are going through today, never give up, for you can still own your tomorrow.


Some people see scars as disgusting, hard to look out, unattractive and ugly.

For others it is sexy, defining a bad man, in times of trouble I know this man has got me.

Burns victims, and those left with severe facial scarring.

Are left depressed, finding the pointing fingers and whispers quite jarring.

For me the scar tells the story of survival, a beauty that you have overcome.

The injustice meant to destroy you, that scar tells me you won.

My stretch marks are a signature to say life was birthed from here.

Your scar makes you intriguing, revealing a story so precious and rare.

Be proud for with your scar you are still standing, as life you have embraced

Smile my sweet brethren for your scar enhances your face.

You see for others to point a finger, shows bravery as you have ventured out.

The shame is not for you to carry, but theirs so my survivors shout

Their ignorance makes them ugly, my friend ugliness is not in you

You are the victor in your situation, head high your victorious its true.

Remember a scar is just an addition to a person we all know, They are not an object to laugh out, but are people to commend. They experienced, they went through but they survived. They hurt but yet they chose to live, they may not have healed completely but yet they stand, impaired but not broken. This is not something to stare at, but a person to applaud.

For those of you that embrace your scars and walk tall with elegance and pride. I am inspired by you and want to remind you, ugliness is not in you, but in the eyes of those that are so insecure they cannot see the flawless beauty that lies in your survival story. you often find, it is the ones with the hidden emotional scars, that try to laugh the hardest at those that stand strong with physical scars. Never stop being you, your the survivor, you have won.

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9 thoughts on “Accepting your scars”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! This is inspirational because scars are internal and external, but whilst they tell their own stories, they all have the potential to heal.
    Thank you for sharing

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  2. Your words are so inspiring, and written beautifully I my self have lost two sons under different circumstances you are brave, caring and thinking of others by writing theses words. Thank you

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    1. Christina I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss. There is no pain worst. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, if ever you wish to speak. I’m truly heartbroken for you. Thank you for showing strength to reach out to me.

      Please subscribe and follow me.

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  3. Yes I sport scars….physical and mental….they are both as taboo as each other and you dont freely discuss as unlikely that the enquirer has any other motive other than curosity but not really interested in how you really feel.
    You have really opened up the debate on all these raw feelings …causes and effects and for this I salute you

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