Break the cycle of pain

An unpleasant physical sensation caused by the weight of negative chains

As a community, we have embraced this negative energy, even though it causes us pain

.We create mighty platforms to curse and condemn,

Distrusting of our brothers, resulting in segregation and detachment in the end.

Weak relations with the police, unconscious bias in schools.

Fragmentation all around in this system of divide and rule

.Blinded from the real opponent, whose agenda is to simply control.

The weakened and separated community, who in ignorance lack the ability to grow.

Our community is divided blacks, white, young and old

Conditioned in lies, from inaccurate statistics and a history that was never told

This separation within has our young people, out here all alone

Detached from elders in the community, becoming societies hated clones.

As a child you’re seen, but never really heard

We discuss the current behaviour and for all, its quite absurd

This division within our community breaks down the concentrations of our power

We are handing our children to the beast to simply devour.

In ignorance we place control and power into another’s hand

Weakening our strategies, our focus, goals and life’s plans

Statistics blame the parents and the breakdown within the nuclear family

Lack of discipline, lack of respect, and misplaced loyalty.

United we stand, yet divided we are sure to fall

Then why, may I ask is unity not our call?

If power comes from numbers, United can we not bring about change?

By uniting within our communities can the opponents plan not be rearranged

If your brother is your keeper, why do we turn a blind eye

Too many children are dying, we watch too many mothers cry

Fragmented communities, it’s time to unite and stand whole.

Consolidate dreams, unite enterprises, give our community back it’s soul.

For, in unity our children will see and embrace courage

In this unity, they earn the power of preservation, giving life its true homage

In unity, they will find real loyalty with strength to stand and survive

In unity, we build the younger generation a platform that will keep our children alive

In unity, there is hope and so much more to gain

In unity rise with me, let’s break this cycle of pain.

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

6 thoughts on “Break the cycle of pain”

    1. Losing a child
      Loosing a child leave you in a dark place .it’s a pain that that you never get over .its step my step day by day it’s like learning to walk all over again. When you visit his grave you crumble you look beyond the grave . Your mind wonder . Tears became natural it became a part of every day living
      Keep your blog going .I do hope a lot of parents children read and shire .I read your blog to my familes at time’s 💔

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  1. I like the idea that a community of people has one soul, it resonates…how to unify and nurture this soul is key. I think it’s starts with being present as you are and having a voice. thank you for these words, they are bringing unity and food for the soul💛

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    1. It is not impossible. Schools, families, government and police can and do have the ability to collaborate to see positive solutions. We all individually have a role to play within our personal domain, and unity within individual communities is bit impossible.

      I believe it can be achieved and will continue to create awareness and take the required steps as a mother, member of my own community and individual within society.

      The only obstacle is one’s mindset. It’s time to break the cycle by renewing your mind


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