Value what you have

How many of us truly appreciate the blessings at our door

Or do we simply watch others in envy, secretly wanting more.

If we were to lose today, everything that we have to hold

Would we see the true value in things, and recognise that we had gold.

A Parents joy to receive the news, the tests positive, you have conceived

Your neighbor cries with an empty womb, for her heart has been deceived.

Excitement grows with every kick, a living fetus is growing inside.

At 5 months someone else knows, another fetus has sadly died

Contractions and giving birth, ladies, in pain don’t we travail

Even when the baby dies, I am told mother’s must prevail.

Overwhelmed with love, an emotion, as the child is laid on your chest

What happens to the mother whose baby is laid to rest?

Each milestone is bright, they sit up, they stand and crawl

Before we know it, our babies are ready for school.

The chubby little butterfly, that looks to you as God,

Is shuffled through those metal gates with a reassuring prod.

School plays, school friends and parties; a life with little cares

But for some it’s Cancer, there has been an accident words to shatter and bring fear.

Missing, my gosh your child has not come home

Frantically, you call around, before the streets you roam.

They were at their friends, having fun they lost track of time

But for some it’s more sinister, for life has beat the final chime.

Then comes the tantrums of the teenage years,

I love you mummy, is replaced with complaints and it’s not fair.

Doors banging, school complaining, there is a shift in the parental test

You’re struggling with the mood swings but yet we do our best.

Natural causes, violence you see death is still around

Simply wandering and pacing until the next victim is found.

So you see, tomorrow is not promised to no man, so value what you love to see.

Appreciate your blessings, children and families, set your inner love free.

Help them to create a platform of potential, let them know they are loved

Hug them, kiss them, encourage them with a smile and a mindful shove

Speak life, lift them up, and in their achievements , more guidance shall you pave

Please don’t leave it until the funeral as they are lowered in the grave.

At times it will not be easy, as loved ones get on our nerves

Adlibs from children, constant answer backs, will make your anger curve

Express your wrath in love and correction, this is just a phase in time,

Love is not a burden, the trick of pain is a crime.

Misguided potential, removes kings and queens from their throne.

In love go and find your child, you’re afforded a chance to bring them home.

Recognise the enjoyment and good qualities of your family and friends. let them know how much they are valued and appreciated. Explain to them why you hold them in great esteem. I love and cherish everyone that supports this blog, reads my words, comments, shares and echoes my message.

I appreciate the hands holding up my platform, simply because it is you that gives me the strength to continue in my cause.

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

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