Yet still I cry

It’s almost been a year since I lost a huge part of my life. Yet still I cry.
I am rising from the ashes and finding strength in the new day, yet still I cry.

My children have started smiling again, they play, yet still I cry
I have written a book, I’m getting media attention because of it, but yet, still I cry.

I’m in transition back to work and my face wears a smile, but yet still I cry.
I am living Kyron’s dream, I know he is proud, but yet still I cry.

You see I have so much love for him, with no where for it to go, this pain makes me cry.
I long to touch his physical self, to say I love you but I cant and so I cry.

I stare at pictures, I see his smile and yes they make me cry.
I read of another stabbing, I think of him and then I start to cry.

I leave my house and see our youth, they remind me of him and it makes me cry.
We dress for family functions, I see 4 instead of 5 and yes, that makes me cry.

When I dish out dinner, buy presents and clothes, he is missing and so I cry.
Christmas and birthdays my King is not here, so I lower my head and cry.

Many people say, rise, move on with your life, don’t let the children see you cry.
I wonder why they feel it’s weak to miss a loved one and cry?

My steps are strong, my mind is sound, purpose decorates as I pass by.
Please remember his death broke my heart, so for the rest of my life, for him,
I will cry.

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

5 thoughts on “Yet still I cry”

  1. Do not supress any emotion you feel as it is ubhealthy to the internal body and mind to do so, your tears are aid in the healing and act as a cleanser to the burden of pain you feel…take comfort and lie down in whatever you need too at any time you and your family are forever loved. 😘🙏

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