From a Father’s heart

Kyron loves me and I love him
His passing has caused me to die within
Sleep, peace, hope these are emotions of the past
Without my son, love has become an outcast
Slipping away as I looked at his body, laying silently on the bed
Papa I called out as my heart filled with dread

Bring him home Lord please he is just a boy
If you need a life let me die but let him live, he is my joy
Dinner awaits him he needs to come home
I never sent him outer road to roam
From the depths of my heart I cry let him live
Ask what you want, I will give what ever you need me to give

I am his father it is my job to protect
I was not there when the blade to his skin did connect
I am tied to my son with broken tears
He was just 15, he had so many years
In my house remains an empty room, waiting for it’s teenage host
Why , oh why has my son become a ghost

When you ask me how I’m feeling, I will say alright. as I have no words to explain
What it means to put your son in a box and harbor so much pain.

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2 thoughts on “From a Father’s heart”

  1. Very heart wrenching. I as you know am a father and I would also do anything if it meant that my best friend could live even just 5 minutes longer. It would destroy me if I had to bury her. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could love somebody half as much as I love her.

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