Behind a brothers love

Yo bro, I can’t believe I am here having to say these words.
Hearing you were stabbed was the hardest sentence I ever heard.
Struggling to find the will to go on when your not by my side
Dancing, skating, singing, rapping, I held your lifeless body Kyron, I cried.

I remeber doing our spellings on the way to school, you always won.
Mum would say, okay Kyron give a chance to my other son.
I am so angry, because I know you always stepped by my side.
You looked up to me, as a child that’s my brother you would say with pride.

When you asked to leave for Manchester at first I did not mind.
Then people called you nigger, there was an attack, those people were not kind.
I wish I had told mum, what those people would often say.
As I know she would have packed your bags and brought you home to stay.

Shock, suffocation, weakness the feelings I felt when I got the news.
Seeing so many young people crying for you, in the uncomfortable wooden pews
Losing Kyron has left me weak, often I am broken laying on the floor.
In 18 years, I have never attended a funeral of any kind before.

Michael for you I have nothing but Rage.
Don’t come and speak to me, beg nothing, keep moving and turn the page
Your actions are never justified, your blade had no place there.
You were two, a sweep to the floor, a beating to instigate fear.
What were your reasons why did you have to take it so far.
I hope you rot in guilt with continuing suffering from where you are.

I have no sympathy for you, and doubt empathy will ever be.

You were at an advantage, there was no reason to take my wing man for me.

I struggle to find a purpose to love without my brother.
I can never understand why simply beef can make you kill another.

Kyron was a man of peace, At a party he worked to save a man’s life.
He planned an escape, saving a young man from dying from a knife.
Kyron was that person who stood by his friends to the end
He cried as he sat in an ambulance when youtes jumped his best friend.
Kyron was not the opposition, to you he was not a fret
Your scum, to me you are nothing, but a memory I will never forget.

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5 thoughts on “Behind a brothers love”

  1. Amazingly said Ricky. Well done for this heart crushing but amazing work of art in this poem. Thanks for shearing your heart with us. We’re always thinking and praying for you. Xxxxx

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  2. Son you have lock away your pain for a year .you lay on the floor you have think back an the pass about you and your brother kyron . Doesn’t matter how many yeas this guy get doesn’t give the families and justice are peace of mind. Try and be strong for your queen your mother Rachel. I know she is weak and need you to be the man by her side .we always say if only .love you all from another mother

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