The guilty wrote me a letter, and I in turn sent a reply

Yet you have remained silent, no remorse has been shown in the time that has passed by.

The judge instructed you to write, to explain what happened and the lessons you learned.

Maybe in your case it was nothing, as a letter was never returned

From the onset, you brought me disgust, you were the stressor to my rage

You were the aggressor, the first to draw a weapon, but you were shown mercy because of your age,

Your name I hear so often, I hear you even tried to bring trouble to his school.

I watched you thrust towards my baby, I saw your ego holding the tool

You said you wanted to leave, but the attacker made you stay

But I watched you stand by and do nothing, as the attacker walked away.

My disgust comes more in your return, you came back with a pole in your hand

He had been stabbed in the heart, yet you came back and you watched him struggling to stand

He was bleeding, life was leaving him, yet a beating was all you saw

You stood and watched the second attack, still holding your pole as he hit the floor.

Still holding a pole and the attacker had Kyron’s blood dripping off his knife.

Scum is the name I gave for you. Scum that stole an honorable life

Rather than taking ownership, you tried to blame another

You lied against the dead, for your guilt you tried to cover

You are not vulnerable, misguided you did your act with intent

I only wish your whole sentence in prison can be spent

This time last year he was dying, while you were walking free

A year on, it’s you that’s crying as Kyron is about to resurrect through me.

For you, I still feel anger, as I believe your sentence should be more

You did not deserve to be seen as a child, as you were the heartless evil that watched him fall to the floor

You were the coldness that allowed your ego to hold hands with your rage

You were the evil that provoked death, despite your childish age

You were the evil that walked to the gates of hell

You embraced the evil ready to strike as Kyron fell

You still hold on to evil as you fail to say sorry and find that inner peace

You still sleep with evil as no respect you displayed towards the deceased

In you, I hold great disappointment, I realise for you I am not fully restorative.

But, if I am to truly on onto joy again. Your actions I must forgive.

But I will never erase the memory of the evil that united and happily stood by

As another stabbed my 15 year old and watched my womb child die

I can only hope you reflect on your actions and in time you find your way

But today preparing for the anniversary of death, I find nothing encouraging to say

My tears will always fall, leaving a trail of ache and brokenness on my face

This is your doing, this is your fault, you were the aggressor, this can never be erased

Manslaughter was your child, but your title is still the same

Murderer is how the world will know you, even though the media hide your name

Murderer is who you will be for the remainder of your days

It’s a pity the title murderer is not carved into your grave

In time your life will be restored as freedom soon you will get

Kyron no longer has a life, because of you and this I cannot forget.

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

2 thoughts on “Accomplice”

  1. The rawness of what you and all Kyron’s loved ones must be displayed for progression in this epidemic. Well done sis. Continuing to keep you all in prayer. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As a mother who has lost a child. Your King to a Manslaughter / A MURDERER a Hood RAT. And A SCUM who has no respect for not even himself and his owner conscience
    No mother should have to grieve for there child because of a KNIFE CRIME.
    My Arms are open, my shoulder is free, my ears will listen. I will hold your hand and walk down the dark path with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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