I’m penning a eulogy for our dearly departed

Reflecting on the life of my son that barely started

born fighting 27th June 2002 at 71b 1

Kyron Webb my sweet beloved son.

By C-section you came because you were distressed and turning blue.

Grandma remembers being there helping to deliver you.

Ricky boasted proudly of his baby brother, he was your idol, role model and best friend

You two were soul tied from beginning to the very end

you were strong, smart and witty. Always ready to compete

Morning school runs doing spellings, you often won getting the treat.

You started nursery at the age of two,

you cried so much I stayed in class to

comfort you.

your first day was your birthday a party at nursery was planned to keep.

In true Kyron form you spent the whole party fast asleep

Shahiem, Ashley, Reese and Leon were your mini crew.

A mother’s heart swells to see their child in their view

After a year you moved to happy little


you tested their patience as you smiled sweet like honey.

Here you met Kieran your best friend for life

Donna says he broke down hearing you were taken away by a knife.

Together you went to St Michaels Church of England primary school

Here, I am sure you broke every rule

despite this all the teachers have fond memories of you

Miss A, Miss B, Miss G, and Mrs T all cry today and feel blue.

The fire in your spirit brought many bald patches and grey hair.

Yet nothing you did caused me not to care,

Or wish right now that you weren’t here.

You ventured onto Harris Beckenham the stern Miss Amos became a special friend

she took time to guide you onto positive paths, encouragement and motivation would never end.

The next stop was Harris Aspire where you found hope in Miss Sinclair

she saw nothing but potential and in love would steer.

Miss Sinclair encouraged you to believe in yourself and reach your full


Under her you developed a positive attitude towards school.

March 2016 you joined your dad in Manchester.

For a while your attitude to life and your grades were better.

You grew taller, looked healthier and beauty embraced your face.

As my little boy began to disappear a wise young man was developing in his place.

I beamed with pride when you told me what you wanted to be.

You then questioned your social life as it required 7 years in university.

We dreamed of the buildings you would design and greatness was all I could see.

Evilness stole you and your dreams away from me.

By the hands of children, my world was interrupted

As Satan’s whispers caused a child’s heart to become corrupted

With a knife my heart was rendered in two

as the blade pierced your heart and fatally wounded you.

I received the news that this act caused you to have cardiac arrest.

Starving your brain of oxygen, then my Boy, your spirit left.

You fought so hard, I believe you were waiting for me to come.

Your heart kept beating until you were in the arms of your mum.

I held your hands, your face and I kissed you goodbye.

With my head on your chest your heartbeat faded on by.

With the last beat I started to cry

pain had blinded my saddened eye.

I cannot imagine what my life will be without you here.

I miss you moaning for me to do your hair.

I miss hearing you call me mum.

Then seeing the joy on your face when I would come.

I miss the conversations about Art, girls and life

All I have now is darkness, emptiness, worries and strife.

You were fiercely loyal and you promoted the honour of your


Standing in between my wrath and your brother

You always said for a sibling you would die.

I’d tell them off and it would be you who cried.

Young people a knife does not make you a bad man this concept is a lie.

See my family’s pain, our sorrow can you hear the bitter cries.

The knife makes you a coward, a murderer; you’re the thief in

the night.

Knife crime stole my beloved baby and took him from my sight.

Use fists or words to tell an angry tale

Put down the knife and be free from Jail.

I am embraced by darkness; my life will never be the same.

Jordan, Sian, Marie and Ricky are left with memories and his name.

At the tender age of 15 my son’s life was interrupted.

A promising life stolen and tragically ended.

Kyron was my miracle baby, his life symbolised hope.

This memory and motherly love will help me to cope.

As we all sit here reflecting on his precious but short life.

Young people I urge you again, PLEASE put down the knife.

The paperback and ebook edition “Kyron: Hello Madness, Goodbye joy is now available to purchase in the Amazon and Kindle store. Please use link.

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