From my heart to my mind

I woke today with a heavy feeling. It is a new day, but yet that familiar dark cloud is present. Immediately I felt guilt. How can I birth a cause and encourage others, if I myself am unable to sustain joy. How bitter is it to walk a journey where you simply rise and fall, rise and fall. But before I could over think it and allow my mind to lose control, I remembered my Motto “it is okay to not always be okay”. Feeling sad does not mean I am a failure and crying does not mean I am weak. I am just going through, learning to survive a Storm in order to overcome.

So today my heart has written another letter to my mind, as we all need encouragement, we all need hope, we all need to be uplifted. We all need to be raised up by love.

Sweet mind, you walked through darkness, at one stage that darkness set deep within

You crawled your way through the shadows, as you screamed for what had once been.

You thought of only ugly, And through those thoughts, wounded I further broke

You put up a shield to block the love I often spoke

We have definitely lived through hardship, many trials throughout these years,

You seem to give away yourself, so the burden has obtained more than it’s share.

Leaving you thinking we are isolated, broken and alone.

Wounded, I try to show love, but the thoughts of pain make me groan.

There will always be ups and downs, but your thoughts make it worse

The strength you receive from your tests, you’re convinced is just a curse

You operate in the darkness, with little food and lack of sleep

This is what weakens you, as the pain you chose to keep.

Your thoughts allow death to weaken us organs, so a positive attitude you must maintain

You are the light, through your thoughts, life we will sustain

Embrace this pain and use it as fuel to strengthen us on this journey

It’s okay to cry, you’re a warrior, your strength impacts people sincerely

You are the brain, you lead the way, your thoughts are to be renewed

See the positive in all situations, don’t let doubt allow hope to be misconstrued.

This situation needs all our attention, in order for us all to heal

There is a light in you, that this darkness has revealed

Circumstances thought they had put it out, but really it stoked a flame

For you say you had no choice, but you chose to rise in his name

You chose to reverse our path, instead of dying, you said fight for life.

You chose to not give in to sorrow, with a message to put down the knife

With tears you chose to rise today and pen a word of hope

You chose today not to die and sort encouragement that you may cope

You choose to love those that hurt you, you chose not to be stained in hate.

You chose not to lie down, you chose the survivors gate

You chose to seek passion and find purpose so that we could say

In triumph the Phoenix will surely fly, bringing change along the way.

Your strength is in your mindset, in your song I will arise

Be of good courage, you had a choice, your choice was to survive

Your calling is inside you, everything you need pertaining to birth

Use your thoughts to flourish us, as the rain flourishes the earth

A positive mental attitude, to ride the rhythm of the universal wave

You always had a choice in this. You made it, you made the choice to save

Think love for me, the soul asks for hope, miss tummy asks for food

Eyes ask to sleep again, please exercise then we will all be in a good mood.

A mighty work you have ahead, so brain, it’s important to sustain a great attitude

For you are the savior, that keeps us going, you sustain the altitude

Today mind be encouraged, we are rooting here for you

Without the renewal of your mind, none of us can pull through.

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