Self entitlement

Our children and young people appear to be growing up with the motto, get rich quick or die hard trying. For some, this motto gives them a sense that they are to receive preference over the next. They are to make money, have the latest designer brands, maintain a fruitful income, effortlessly with limited hard work and sacrifice. Thus developing a self entitled attitude.

Growing up just seeing, never knowing what a parent goes through to provide. Never seeing the hidden struggles behind the love of a single parent. The fear of a mother worried her son will be groomed for county lines if she cannot provide. The pride of the shamed who beg and borrow as they are to embarrassed to say I do not have.

Television personalities display what they have in abundance, but never explain the sacrifices they made to get to where they are. Children look at this imbalance believing they must therefore continue to have and maintain this life, simply because.

This in turn compromises the respect levels displayed towards others as they feel their lives hold a greater value than your own. An extreme self entitled person will only see their needs above everyone else embedding the I want it now, I want it big, I want it quick and I want it all, but attribute very little or nothing to achieve it. But where does this mentality form from? Where do we become so imbalanced? How do we change a natural childish motivation into an unreasonable culture entitled motivation.

Is it ever to late to change

Mr Narcissist your egocentrism warps how you view the world.
My Narcissist, such unreasonable demands your mind has held.
Mr Narcissist your cognitive and emotionally development has been spoiled.
Your highly unreasonable expectations make you spoilt and coiled.

Mr Narcissist that only See’s gratification in recognising your own self.
Mr Narcissist, so self entitled your blinded to the needs of everyone else.
Mr Narcissist where you in yourself hurt or mistreated?
Or Mr Narcissist, as a form of compensation were you over treated?
Mr Narcissist, did you grow not having your own needs met?
Or Mr Narcissist are you just spoilt with an expectation that you deserve to get?

Mr Narcissist, your favorite words appears to be I deserve.
Mr Narcissist, the self respect of others do you ever observe?
Mr Narcissist, you want it now you want it quick
Mr Narcissist, do you care that selling those drugs will make someone sick
Mr Narcissist your mother worked hard so that you could have
Sleepless nights, many secret tears, suffering because there was no dad.

She worked so hard, as she worked alone, there were limited hands to help.
She did not wish to dampen your dreams, so she hid the pain she felt.
Mr Narcissist for you she placed her needs on the back burner,
Mr Narcissist, self entitlement made you greedy so you became a drug churner.

Mr Narcissist, you only believe in the importance of your superioty
My Narcissist, I ache at your lack of balance and a sense of moral priority
Mr Narcissist you believe your life is more valuable than that of your friend.
Mr Narcissist that is why you chose the road and often end up in Pen.

Mr Narcissist, you see a privilege as your right
Every one must respect you, and admire you on sight.
We need to be transparent, show the hard work, and our struggles to change this attitude
Children need to learn discipline to change it around for the opposite of self entitled is gratitude

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