Unification is our salvation

Division within our community, who can give me an explanation

Five times more students attending Pupil referral units to complete their education

Single parents holding down a full time job, impacting their parental relations

Wha t happened to the unity and hope I once sought from my nation?

I look at the state of the world, our children and I commence an evaluation

Of the mistakes the people of yesterday made, impacting today’s generation

What is it that separates the races within the human creation

That weakens the essence of brotherhood, that weakens our very foundation?

People will stand with a powerful cause, but we have to beg for participation

With a message of hope, many seek racial integration

But yet, within my own community I see so much separation

Wars, killing, fighting, what has happened to our civilisation?

What can one do, to encourage others to follow? what can prick the motivation

Of our young people, to spike hope, grow entrepreneurs, encourage them to show innovation.

I need a person of influence, to bring about a change and start the activation

To inject back the power in the unity of our collaboration.

It’s time to reduce the communication and start the demonstration.

Words of wisdom, words of light we need a revelation

Sadiq Khan says treat it like an illness, so who will bring the medication

We cry out for answers, we weep for help and solutions, so we send an invitation.

People within the same racial community living in segregation

Divided within our selfishness, we weaken our congregation

Encouraging poverty, Ill health, our good only seen in cultural misappropriation

Come back together my community, let’s stand whole, let’s have a celebration.

Unify as one, as brethen in strength, let go of negative confrontation

For this is the only way we can survive, this is our self preservation

The United voice of our community can send a mighty vibration

Through the minds of the ignorant, who rule on the power of intimidation

Our children seek love, they seek hope, adults the young do not need emancipation

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