There is no comfort in why.

When we are faced with circumstances that cause us to shatter

We often ask out why

When a loved one is stolen, and a life is lost the why is in our cry

When the ache is near, and your joy is gone the why is in our sigh

When grief overwhelms, and words pass us by, the why is in our eye.

I am not so sure why we ask why, or what comfort it actually brings

For we feel the knowledge of knowing why, will give our break a sling

But does the knowledge really ease your pain, does it take away the sting

Does it glue together the broken heart, bring melody or make you sing

In death, I feel the why is pointless as the end result is the same

The why brings us information, but still we lost the game

The why will not change our circumstances, it’s still silent when I call his name

Why did not stop my tears, why did not soften the hurt that drove me insane

So as a grieving mother this is my advice to you, seek nothing but joy

Find purpose, find strength, find something to honor your girl or boy

Take baby steps, smile today for tomorrow sadness may toy

The why changes nothing, so please let the false hope deploy

Your journey is long, in fact my dear this road will take a life time

You will want to give up, you will want it to stop, the pain will dull and send you a life line.

Disappointment is many, days will be bleak, sit have a glass of wine

For what you think was sent to break you, was the rod to strengthen your spine

In time my dear you will go to rise and in your steps you will not stumble

The memories bring tears, but hope will remain, I promise you will not crumble

For life will teach you a strength in love, that will leave you feeling humble

Grief will have no choice but to flee, for praise will replace your grumble.

The day will come when life once more holds greater value than death

When memories and laughter, the joy they brought will take away your breath

When your smile is wide, and you beam with pride

In the acknowledgement, your are still the mother of that precious beautiful child.

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