Change pt 1

An epidemic fused within our consciousness perpetuating it’s power and persistence.
The media fueling fear, by enhancing and reporting the sight of it’s very existence.
We see the remnants of a brutal act, hear reports, some images display blood in the distance.
A body rushed to hospital, punctured requiring medical assistance.
An epidemic, with a health warning, due to it’s rise and weekly consistence.

What are the police doing to protect us, the government should do more; our cries have come persistent
We seek change, young people are embraced but many appear to be resistant.
For we see the untapped potential, the promise within their youthful and skilled brilliance.

We need to shift our focus to the emotion behind the behaviour, as that reveals the need.
Meeting young people at their focal point will minimise just how many bleed.
For these are our offsprings, a reflection of self, they are not an alien breed.
They seek wisdom from the elders, that reforms the thoughts as education helps their mind to feed.
Parents seek to raise a perfect child, happy, healthy, loved, respected, with many goals achieved.
Parents want their children to have what they did not, to dream and not cry bereaved.

We need to educate the children that they are our future.

In teaching them well, their hearts and minds we will nuture.

For they are apart of a fold, they are not to stand alone out on the road.

Let’s rise up again as Villiages, let’s bring them in from the cold.

A parents wish is that inherently they have the best, so push their children to standards that meet their own.
With the heartfelt desire for their child to succeed, the children become angry and resentful when grown.
Basic schooling, extracurricular activities, sports clubs, music lessons then on the internet they will roam.
Parents plan to counteract boredom, but by fighting boredom the catalyst to be creative is left dormant at home.

Like physical abuse, an over zealous parent simply steals the identity of a child leaving them somewhat damaged.
Parents competing with each other to measure accomplishments simply leave the child isolated with emotional baggage.
Over scheduling, ignoring, or over or under stimulated you will see the most vital tool is still in absence
For the foundation of a well rounded, mindful and creative child must commence with balance.

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