Change pt 2

Over the last five days we have heard about several fatal stabbings that have stolen more young people from our communities and seen an end to several continuing family generations. Today whilst at work a video found its way on to one of my social media platforms. Without knowing what it was, I pressed play, as the footage began; a dark realisation gripped me. I was about to watch a murder.

Nausea rose and fear washed over me. Memories of my son and his last moments came flooding back. Before I knew it, tears were washing my ashen cheeks. Rage quickly bubbled. You see social media has proven beneficial to me in promoting my blog site, my cause and my novel Hello Madness, goodbye Joy. But now, here it was, a platform to publicise a families pain, revealing the imagery that will no doubt be a family’s brokenness, torture, heartache and muted anguish.

I almost died when I lost Kyron, through the strong support of family and friends I was able to rise. Not every parent or family member will have this. Not every parent will rise from the pits of despair. What we are looking at is a family’s world falling apart. What we are watching is not entertainment but a brutal, and vicious death.

The saying goes “Mankind is transformed by the renewal of individual mindsets”
Social media, has embraced this notion and truly exploits its concept
For through imagery it can diminish emotional responses and blur ones intellect
For through exposure to negativity, aversive violence will strategically intercept
Desensitising our young people from brutality in its frequent exposure and dialect.

The current youth affairs are frequently used to evoke our emotional responses
Creating a wave of futile actions that are unnecessary and in many ways not conductive
Desensitisation was once used by psychologists to unlearn phobia and anxiety, but it is now a public stimulant to be reputed.
Explosive imagery on TV, video games, movies, and social media platforms created a door for violence to be saluted
While creating an underworld where young people are trapped in fear and secluded

Glamorising such things as circulating death, will change the way we see and perceive another’s actions.
We become neutralised to the horror of violence and it simply numbs a shocked reaction
For the viewer in time will form an emotional and cognitive mental distraction
To the pain, horror and brutality of violence therefore lacking the required compassion

If we are desensitised to media violence, I wonder how would one react to a real-life murder scene?
What interaction and education is given to our children to provoke balance in between?
What alternatives are provided to young people who have free time to establish their own routine?
When parents want that space to relax, when children should not be seen
Where does the education on real violence begin to intervene?
Who educates our young people to tell them this image is simply obscene?

What are our roles in the education and upliftment of our young people?
What are our roles in building visions, supporting a dream, and creating the bold eagle?
What can we do to reteach our youth and discourage the behaviors that are illegal?
Children need to be built on positive reinforcements not desensitised on aggressive evils.

Community cohesion, unity, collaboration, you see we need to be the change
Let’s not wait for the Government or the police alone to arrange
It is our young people dying on the streets, it’s our community mother’s crying tears
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see youth death at this rate for another 10 years
We are to come back together, to financially support and build our Creed
Remember the image you’re watching on social media one day could be your seed

Parent restrictions need to be applied, let’s monitor what our children see
Let’s educate them in love and respect, implement discipline in children before they turn three
Teach them the way you ideally want them to grow
Don’t suffer in silence, get support from the village, we cannot help if we do not know.
Let’s reunite show our children the strength of the village within the community
Let our children see the village, the community are people who care, like you and me.

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

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