The Village

The question I have been asking myself lately is do we know what a village is. What does the concept of the village look like to people? Who is your village of support helping you to raise your children?. Who is your village of support that you can go to to access financial support, or food when you and the children are hungry, access a shoulder to cry on and seek advice from when the needs arise.

Do you have someone to aid and support you or do you cry behind a closed doors in silence, too afraid of another’s judgements? Worried you will be talked at and viewed under a critical lense. Are some of you to proud to accept you need help or able to even acknowledge your struggling.

In my darker days, resentment began to grow inside as I longed for someone to reach out to me, I longed for someone to simply grasp the notion that I was struggling, that I was experiencing a mental decline and emotionally I was dying. I expected the world to see my hidden suffering and know and understand the burden of my hidden tears and broken heart.

For me it was simple. If you were hurting then of course you should know I hurt that bit more, after all Kyron was my son. But my thoughts were met with silence because I could not find words to express my needs or even describe the emotions I was feeling. So I became trapped and isolated. I had a few that stood with me kept checking in on me, many people saw the needs of my children at this time and I felt strength in that, yet I sought embracement from my village to strengthen my needs. My inability to truly express that and cascade my expectations, left me feeling somewhat alone, isolated and abandoned.

I learnt that I needed my village of support, along with professional input to overcome my situation. When we look at our young people do we view them through a critical lense. We know how street violence impacts us, but do we fully comprehend how it effects the youth themselves.

How many of us assess the needs of support they have. Can anyone function as an island? Can adult or child run life’s journey in their own strength and understanding.

Without unity, love, wisdom, guidance and direction of village, we become overwhelmed, overloaded and blinded. We become trapped in circumstances with minimal hope and options. The situation appears bleak and suffocating pushing you to become a passive recipient of circumstance.

I lost hope, I felt myself dying inside and contemplated suicide. These young boys seem to be walking the path also contemplating death. A friend of mine Denise was my voice of reason on my fateful night, she ensured through the injection of love that my suffering would be used for a positive purpose and not death.

Who is the voice of reason for our young people, to bring that slight interruption for their permanent change. Let’s give them back their villages, let’s give them back a home. Welcome them in and bring them in from the cold. 120 future generations have been lost. Our community is becoming a dying breed. We need our men let’s do what we can to save them

There is an African proverb that states it takes a village to raise a child
We know it takes a whole community interacting with a children to create a safe environment
It takes a United society to look out for and protect our young and mild
But is it our responsibility to grow and raise every child, dealing with unwanted temperaments

A child does not only grow up in a single home society
It is said the child not taught by a parent is taught by the world
Despite their biological upbringing they are Impacted by their community
I ask again would the unity of families make Parenthood happily swirl

How beneficial can it be having the collaboration of wisdom and experiences
What are the impact on families separated growing children alone by great distance
Mother’s no longer at home, through change in needs, they are forced to work
When the parents were at home less children put value into posting videos to twerk

What happened to the Grandma, uncle, aunty, family friend to meet that need
Providing childcare and nurture, support, advice so the family unit could succeed.
What happened to the notion that a man should be the head of the home to lead
While the mother took care of the young, preparing their paths to proceed
When families stayed together not divorcing because they disagreed
But though the strength and wisdom of the village they reconciled to unite their Creed

The village understood that raising a child is a communal affair
Sometimes it’s not blood connected, but friends and neighbors are there
To offer mutual help, aid and provide strategic support
Our children are out in the cold, the villagers have fallen short
Let me leave a question to rest with your thoughts
If we bring the children back in the village, will we keep them out of the grave and criminal court

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