So many of us have important topics at times we wish to debate.
For those who lack the understanding of our words they simply say we have issues. The word issue used to simply mean the distribution of something for sale. However now we apply emotional needs to this word.

As a form of dismissiveness we simply say “He or she has issues”. But with this phrase what do we do? We acknowledge that the person has pain that needs to be distributed from their vessels, but do we allow them to bring it forth? use our knowledge to support our loved ones to apply a stamp and send those emotional needs into the sea of forgetfulness, or guide them loving to the door of solution.

Are your loved ones “issues” just another topic of conversation between yourself and someone else?

Do you even know how to support someone with emotional baggage, would you know who to refer them too if their need exceeded your experience and advice? Would you feel empowered to say what they required to hear, or would you stay fluffy around the edges stroking their ego only informing them of what you think they want to hear?.
Would your love for them enable you to be transparent, or would fear that you may cause an offence keep you silent? I have been on both sides of the fence, and each time I saw myself as the one with issues. How many relationship breakdowns have occurred simply due to “issues”?

Why is it that when some have a problem it is deemed an issue.
Solutions are associated to problems, issues just cry into a tissue
A problem is seen as a negative, so therefore needs to be solved
Are issues unsolvable, that we do not seek a way for them to be resolved
I hear “oh please that girl got issues” followed by laughter and a dismissive wave
Is it deemed that those with issues simply crave attention, so misbehave

He/she is trouble is the next title they are given, as an issue is a negative phrase
Difficult decisions, many disagreements, an issue is just a softer form of the problem phase
If an issue continues to repeat itself, maybe then state it is a problem
As this will immediately motivate someone to try and seek a solution
If I have an emotional burden, to simply say I have issues is not enough
For when we are burdened down with an emotion seeing clearly is tough

I may not see life as you do, as the struggle leaves me consumed
I may not look dirty, scruffy or broken down, but believe I need strength renewed
So when you look at me, then go away to discuss the issues shining through
You failure to be transparent, show love and compassion simply means you have issues too
For you see my circumstances as the green light to dismiss and ignore my need
I am no longer an individual but a burdern with a dramatic seed

Yet behind my behavior is an emotion that requires intervention
Before I was the issue, was I not your family member or friend
So in closing, remember that person that is often the butt of your conversation and jokes
For their issues are your entertainment but heartache and pain my be their yoke.

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