Why do they carry.

Many of you will know by now that on the night my son Kyron was found with two stab wounds, one 7cm deep into his back and the fatal wound 7cm deep into his heart, he was wearing a bag which contained a USB revision stick as he was revising for his GCSE’s, a phone and a knife.

The knife was wrapped within it’s government casing, never opened, never used, never drawn but, simply by being there brought me great hurt and disappointment. What would have possessed my son to carry a knife? He respected life, displayed manners and respect, never engaged to my knowledge in anti social behavior, was not known to the police or social services. I never saw it, never knew why he felt the need to carry it, I questioned as to how he was able to purchase or obtain it and concluded following the condition it was found in, that on the night when he left his house he had no intention to use it.

News of his attack and murder circulated within newspaper articles and led to comments citing that Kyron deserved to die because he too was found to be carrying a knife. Another stated “one dead, two in prison, great result in my book” one can only imagine the hurt such coldness can conjure, however we cannot deny that many others within todays society share these thoughts. Further comments called Kyron’s murders mongs, citing they should be deported, anger was fueled by other community groups as they have been led to believe that this is simply a black issue as most murders reported are black on black.

As the older community we were led to believe that young people carried for a trend, we’re not motivated to look deeper than the colour of their skin and at the chosen music the murderer performed or listened to. .

News paper headlines were negative, and written with menacing wording using slogans such as knifed, cheffed and slain. I found this terminology very frightening and still do. We were given details of what physical events transpired between Kyron and his murderers, but never any background information as to why it happened or occurred. No focus was placed on the potential failures from families, schools, government and the judicial system, which later in court, became apparent that there were some failures which aided this younger person’s progression and development into a murderer.

No one appeared to ask themselves one simply question. “why are our young people carrying knives”? It was stated that Kyron was being bullied by his murders, but what made them carry weapons?

Statistics in 2016 displayed a 9% rise in knife violence in the UK with a 16% increase in London between 2014-2016. Focus from the youth violence commission initiated systems to deter young people from carrying knives, another two years on we have reached an epidemic.

My question is how? How are young people accessing weapons such as Rambo knives, guns and acid? Who is selling these harmful items to children who are still deemed a pre-teen? Where are the weapons being distributed from and how are they freely circulating on the streets? Why can shops sell a bladed weapon of a certain size without a license? and why are custodial sentences not implemented immediately as child or young person is found with an offensive weapon on person when out in the community?

How is it that we are able to identify the vulnerable groups when we wish to lay blame at their door? but we fail to address their needs using precautionary measures to avoid the potential outcome we deem to be guaranteed from that particular group? Is this part of a strategic plan?

If I create an image and constantly expose you to that image, season it with the fear and magnify the negative impact of that image, day in and day out; then only present you with that image, do you attach that image to others that look the same? Will young people conform to the image, will the rest of us simply learn to detach and fear the image.

Many of us are conceived in love. Born crying but not holding a knife

As we grow, images and situations frighten us, fists can no longer protect our lives

It is deemed 75% of carriers are just individuals that are not associated to gangs

Innocent victims frightened in a world that they feel they require protection from another man.

In the face of sufficient danger, they can draw, threaten then run away

However when your walking along and cornered by two, we know the weapon has the final say

Often you see your friend murdered or sent to prison over a meaningless squabble

A problem that has stifled the young man, leaving our community in significant trouble

A group of children who are still unsure of their calling and purpose

are trapped by an image that magnifies violence and not their actual worth

Boys on the road frightened, but for face value they walk acting tough

So many more conforming to this “roadman” persona as the road seems rough

Poverty stricken areas, single parent families, lack of stability and education is said to play a part

Self entitlement, lack of discipline and respect, exclusions are additional darts

Government policies, lack of police presence, racism also joins the queue

We hear so much about the cause of this, but I don’t hear these people giving solutions, do you?

Is jail a deterrent, or would others risk incarceration to look big and gain respect?

Is it all about street credibility, or does our failure to act display the level of neglect

That we as the older generation, government, families, media, schools and police failed to select

Reasonable solutions to protect our young, so they simply dominate life order in their calling and elect.

Does the name, identity, race or gender of a victim make a difference?

I hear some say, if it were a member of the royal family, or famous entertainer we would see change and consequence

What can we do? what role can we play?
With all this information ,is it not time to have your say?
When you hear a tragedy, next time ask what can you now do
To ensure the next individual crying over their child’s spilt blood is simply not you.

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1728855977/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1540203435&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=hello+madness&dpPl=1&dpID=41k45GKLllL&ref=plSrch

1 thought on “Why do they carry.”

  1. Such true words , i dont think alot of these teens go out to kill. Some are just turning into young adults with a mind of a junior, nowhere to go or sterotyped . If they have a police recored alot of people wont employ them colleges turn them away so they are stuck in a rut . Its no excuse to stab someone but i relly do believe these teens are a very confussed generation who dont know how to be children, there are toi many silly rules and regulations to stop them having a childhood like ours . Its a sad world we live in right now x

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