November is a difficult month for my household for two reasons. We host three out of five birthdays, my daughter, my eldest sons and most importantly of all, my own. This as you can imagine makes November quite an expensive month. On the 26th November 2017, another memory joined November and that was the wake (nine night) for my beloved son Kyron.

During the time I was imprisoned by grief, I decided I would never celebrate my birthday ever again. I danced with Kyron as we celebrated my 40’s and so decided I would remain 40 until the day I reunited with him in death.

Leading up to today I have had many cries, told everyone I do not wish to celebrate, nor even hear the words happy birthday, for what joy was there in a day stained in death?

Then something began to stir in my spirit as I thought about what a birthday actually signifies.
I thought about the joy we once shared and the reason that I now cry.
I remembered that my life was the start of a journey that made it possible for my children to be here.
I remembered that because of my birth, we all had memories to reflect on and share.

Then if by confirmation Rachel Rose chose to send a blessing with these thoughts attached
Speechless I rose with tear stained eyes, as my heart simply accepted that.

My sister Joyce said my life began on my birthday, but Kyron’s birth was my birthday too
So I thought this should be a happy day as his memory is entwined, so why should I feel blue
He never wished to leave me alone and now on this day we share.
Every single birthday from this day forth, for his memory is imprinted here

A birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person and for most its a beautiful thing
For through the tears and pain, that first cry brings laughter. You immediately forget births sting
Your born day you see, is not only a gift to your family, for the many blessings for others is now tied up in you
Think about the inspirational impact you have on others, your life was never limited, this I know now to be true

At the age of 15 over 500 came out to celebrate the life of a special young man
A life that brought so many blessings to others, a cheeky boy who through life happily ran
A course of blessings, that imprinted our lives and helped many to overcome
Many hurdles in life, showing us all to never give up, find hope in life and continue to run

As I reflected I realised without this day my offspring’s would not be here
We would never of had the blessing of Kyron, or 4 vibrant others to care
The 100’s of people that shared memories on this day
Would not have been blessed with such happiness in that unique and special way
This day last year Rachel Webb fell into the ashes, but as you know she once more arose
With her loved ones blowing wind to her wings, the Phoenix rose with a determined glow
Life as you know it, would not be the same
If on this beautiful day, I never came
So I decide right now and I declare today
From this hour forth I will celebrate every birthday.

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

3 thoughts on “November”

  1. The Rise of a Phoenix!! I never knew Kyron but I promise him to the Heaven’s I will Always look out for your mum in anyway I can and your family. I love you Rachael Rose and Thank the Most High for making you as from one beautiful soul come so many, your a mother of all children a friend of all and a diamond despite all the dirt in this world that shines soo bright to so many lives . Tomorrow Happy Birthday to you dear, you was your sons guardian Angel on Earth and Kyron may we celebrate your life the life of A Star and earth Angel now above watching over As a Guardian Angel for mummy and the familyxxx

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    1. Thank you darling. Rachel Rose is my friend, Kyrons good mother and host of Rosey’s convo the show we do on Buzz FM on Tuesdays. I am Rachel Webb lol. Thank you for your kind, warm and humbling words. I really appreciate you


  2. Amazing sis. You celebrate on and embrace every mingled emotion. The world is better because you were born into it and birthed all those other blessings. What a legacy. Love you. Xxxxx

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