Destination: Demonstration

I wrote to the mayor Sadiq Khan along with the honorable Sajid Javid MP
I began by sharing my own tragic tale, I gave them a personal insight into me.

I expressed my support of the stop and search initiative but expressed the area’s I felt required change.
To breakdown the prejudice, remove the fear, inject respect, the mindset of some officers needs to be rearranged.

I asked for more training to remove biased profiling, labelling, harassment and victimisation.
In line with the Equality Act 2010 the public body is to adhere to the public sector equality duty and aliminate unlawful discrimination.

The letter detailed the stats showing that black youths were placed in a disadvantaged position.
Which simply compromised the relationship between the black community and police worsening the situation.

I asked what action they had taken since the findings outlined in the McPherson report.
I wanted to know what adjustments had been made and from the findings what lessons had been taught.

I shared my concerns around the power being used from a profiling and ignorant platform.
Detaching our young people from humanity as they differ from police and their racial form.

I asked for fair justice to be exercised for our young people on the streets.
To discuss the disengagement of the black community and police I offered to meet.

I wanted to discuss institutionalised racism. Negative attitudes and inappropriate behaviour.
So we could seek resolutions to bridge the gap, build Bridges and collectively with the support of our mayor.

We asked for police to engage in implicit associate testing to undertake di-biasing training.
With an annual refresher arranged to ensure the mindset of officers is retaught about negative profiling.

I received a reply telling me the importance of stop and search something in my correspondence I did not question.
I was told of the comprehensive reform package introduced in the force since 2014 to address this very reason.

It’s purpose was to contribute to a reduction in the overall use of stop and search powers.
By eliminating unnecessary use of power, by using more intelligence lead power with an aim to improve stop to arrest, however.

They confirmed stop and search of black people has reduced by 75%, while for whites the reduction was 84%
Why are we stopped so much, what is it about black people, that attracts more police presence.

Driving up the disparities confirming in 2017/18 black people were 9.5 times more likely to be stopped than if they were white.
The government say stop and search is working and now more fairer but in those numbers it still does not appear to be working right.

I also wonder if it is working and therefore encouraged and continues to run.
Why are officers now being given the power to carry machine guns.

Sadiq said we would address this epidemic as a sickness using the program initiated in Scotland.

I don’t remember reading that knife crime reduced by putting a gun in the officers hand.

The HMICFRS will continue annual inspections to assess the force used in stop and search.
But unless carried out fairly does it hold it’s price in weight and worth.

The mayor’s office response was simply to say the process is working and that I should join a stop and search committee.
Neither really addressed my concerns or provided a detailed answer and no one agreed to meet me.

This is just the beginning, I never thought it would be easy but hope is still in my sight
My son has not died in vain in his name I will not give up this fight

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