Solutions Pt2

We have explored the idea of community cohesion.
Looking at whether the community divide plays a role in this madness and in part contributes to the reason.

we have discussed the importance and value in assuring you maintain responsibility of yourself.
Elevating pride in your true and authentic personality and showing your purpose and intellectual wealth.

Taking ownership of your communication and actions,
Will limit the risk of misunderstandings and negative reactions.
We have discussed the importance of maintaining responsibility over yourselves and your offspring,
To prevent finding yourselves in positions that could have been prevented, causing another to take ownership of the situation.

We have discussed the importance and value of the villages, along with the risks and visible impact of excluding young people from them.
It was said the child will return to burn the village down when left in the cold, today we see them falling, investing in flowers to the funerals we send.

We have evaluated the impact and observed results of self entitlement and egocentrism.
We have encouraged parents and members of the community to first seek peace from within.

We have viewed the breakdown within the family and explored the effect this divide has had within the community.
Along with the impact it has had on our young people, and the dent an absent parent makes on their personalities.

We have looked at initiatives and powers currently being used to tackle knife and gun violence.
gang activity and anti social behavior somewhat hidden behind the word snitch, a word that creates fear and builds a wall of silence.

We have identified that education, policing, government polices, single parenting families, where either the mother or father is absent and culture plays a significant part.
In today’s murder spree amongst young people in Britain, We explored the impact and cause as we wondered when did it start.

We looked at the importance of home education and why teaching children about who they are, provides them with an identity
Teaches them the value and importance of their life, which in turn helps them to value the life of others in it’s whole entirety.

We all understand the importance of emotional maturity. No one is born to kill, something in life steals their purity.
So many discussions have been had, so much knowledge shared to plant those seeds.
My question today is, what are you doing with this information to help restore our young people and effectively meet their needs?

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