Community Cohesion

We live in a time where there is great concern for the black community not only for the racially discriminatory conduct subjected on us from other racial groups, but also adding the hate from within. When I look at the state of affairs I am saddened and worry for my own children and brethren.

We are falling like raindrops, leaving huge grief puddles that many then slip on; sustaining life long injuries. The murder of one young man, results in a prison sentence for at least two other young men. That is three families and extended connections impacted. More children being raised in brokenness as parents try to come to terms with the loss or shame their son/daughter played in this unthinkable act. More hurting young people and dysfunctional adults, who then go on to have children and the cycle continues.

How do we break this cycle of pain within our community. The first step I feel, is to bring back and advocate for community cohesion.

The concept of community cohesion was planted in our families when we were very young
In the ethos of the village for many families is where this concept begun
For financial strength we had pardners, by sharing our homes many survived.
My mother had many eyes on me, there was nowhere I could hide.

My mother’s community consisted of black, Chinese, Asian and white
She knew many people in our local community that for our safety, maintained a caring sight.
Community cohesion means there is a common vision and sense of belonging for all communities
Today we see communities divided due to skin colour, sexuality, age, differences and lack of similarities

Community cohesion stands for morals, principles we promote and stand for what is right
Without community cohesion we walk in war, separated by hatred, angry and in fear through the day and night
Community cohesion is to positively appreciate the diversity of different backgrounds and circumstance.
It is not turning a blind eye to children killing one another, disassociation simply because it’s not our personal experience.

Community cohesion is embracing the different skills, knowledge and power
Developed from a range of experiences, not waiting on the corner as a beast to devour
It’s creating a fairer systems so we are all open to the same chances and opportunities
Not simply judging and leaving one in a disadvantage position due to personal ignorance and biased informed stories.

It is building strong positive relations developed between people from different nationalities and backgrounds
Embracing the beauty of a multicultural society that through collaboration strength can be found
Community cohesion means I am my brothers keeper and in that belief I am to trust.
For community cohesion trust, respect and acceptance is a guaranteed must.

Community cohesion is citizenship, it’s taking responsibility and exercising your rights
Forming positive relationships working together as allies to fight the bigger fight
People of all ages should be able to walk within the community free from fear
Affording houses, living in clean streets, attending concerts and parties relaxed, not stressed if you will die there.

Businesses owned and sustained mixed in senior management with individuals from every race
With no levels of racism and discrimination thrown in anyone’s face
Successful schools, libraries, community centers providing community relevant programs
Open to any postcode creating a safe place for interaction to any boy, girl, woman or man.

Someone once asked me do you seek to find peace where a community can function in harmony and grow
She said if the answer is yes, then have you resolved all your personal conflict with everyone in your life so peace in your life glows
Community cohesion is powerful, it’s impact beneficial but is now just an easy word to say
How easy would it be for you to contact those you are angry with and simply make peace today.
In order for us to meet this need we have to put our ego, ignorance and division aside
For if we are to meet our young people’s needs I need you standing by my side.

I realise now the change I seek begins with you and me
I to need to unlearn my ignorance to seek inner unity.

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