Jai Hughes-Sewell 04/08/2003-01/11/2018

15 years old you woke from your bed with dreams of a tomorrow.
Little did you know tomorrow was not yours for time you had borrowed.
You left your house to simply purchased food.
As your chicken fried, a blade appeared and you were tragically removed.
Just for standing still your heart shook hands with a knife
Just for being hungry we are here dressed in black mourning your life.

Memories and laughter as we celebrate what you meant to us all.
I remember you as a tiny boy, my how you grew so tall.
Your head teacher says you were a man of many stories.
Your friend said smile down on him while you jam in glory.
Many tears fell yet, joy was risen up
As the love everyone shared for you Knocked over grief’s cup.

Seeing your short journey brings so much heart ache and pain.
Today you life story also becomes my plight. You have not died in vain.
You met my Kyron when you were just a little boy.
Now you dance with him smiling in heavenly joy.
Hold each other up and know we miss you well.
Rest in heavenly peace Jai Hughes Sewell.

They told me today your name means victory.
In your name we will be victorious sit on your throne and see.
We will continue to fight to reduce the amount of young people being found
Wounded, shot, stabbed wrapped in caskets lowering into the ground.
My beautiful darling, I have no word but just to say I love you.
Any time the sun shines down, the wind blows I will fondly think of you.

With love xxx

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1 thought on “Jai Hughes-Sewell 04/08/2003-01/11/2018”

  1. Wow.. this is so hearbreaking..another murder to a young boy. Grateful for your testimony and courage to keep speaking out against it. Definately agree that we need to find ways to fight back and not let this kind of thing just become normal. Praying for the family and for our young generation…

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