The Academic Agenda

We need to seek a change within government policies.
As education in the lives of our children is a vital and fundamental key.
Many schools have a points system, 20 points then you are excluded.
Who evaluates the psychological trauma caused through this isolation? Even if it is not intended.

Do our schools reflect the skill and ability to understand and educate our children about themselves?
Do they encourage authentic identity? Do their libraries hold black history on the shelves?
Teresa May herself is looking into changes within the educational system.
To ensure the senior positions can reflect the wider society from within.

Children are educated, but do the parents understand the academic bench marks set.
Children that come from underprivileged background or those that require additional academic assistance provides an additional funding budget.
Single parent families, low income homes and other various factors.
Are funded so teachers have to achieve all objectives outlined by the government and push pupils forward on the educational tractors.

Why is nonviolent disruptive behavior causing high rates in classroom exclusion?
Why are we not looking at the antecedents of the behavior to seek positive solutions?
Why has teaching become a tick box exercise, where caring is replaced by a need of adequate statistics.
Constraints cuts to education what issues do the teachers face to sustain within this.

The Bridge between the parents and school for many is still in my view too big.
School is no longer relevant as demands are many stretching them thin as twigs.
There is no relationship between the school and parent for others the relationship is strained.
How do we look up the SATS results and work out the statistics, do your know the curriculum that stimulates your child’s brain.

How well do parents know how we review coverage of achievement?
Do working parents feel empowered to support the schools or is there minimal engagement.
How do assessments and interventions impact teachers ability to identify children’s needs.
Some have hidden talents; ADHD may blind another from entrepreneurial seeds.

Emotional behavior disorder affects many, but what tools are used for anger management.
With funding cuts within education, no alternative given, is this really an accident.
Nonviolent negative behavior, has them expelled impacting what they achieve.
How many children died whilst being on academic study leave?

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