A Truth

A government is accountable for decisions and laws that affect a community.
We as individuals are accountable for our actions and behaviour that create divides as well as create unity.

To take accountability at times means we have to admit that we have made a mistake.
Admitting our personal responsibility and input into how and why these young people now hate.

Understanding the impact of our ancestors negative and violent oppression.
Seeing how, through our generations that impact has left a lasting impression.

Understanding that, in not knowing who we really are,
Impacts our children from near and far.
Realising that someone handed us hate, and that same hate we chose to give.
Causing many to feel that in hate our community actually lives.

We see our young people in trouble yet many still appear to turn a blind eye
The governments children are safe, this epidemic is affecting you and I

Many have said to me, well black people do themselves no favors’ as it is them who attack
This knife crime epidemic does not affect me as the effect is black on black

Our black boys are not seen as cultured, respectful individuals.
Their behavior, even those not engaged in crime are viewed as criminals.
Our young people are criminalised, so that we as a wider community simply disconnect.
Slamming them on social media, blinded by the notion they simply lack respect.

Did we start hating all white people when we learned of infamous serial killers roaming the streets.
Do we hate all Asians when we hear of the horrific paedophile rings currently in operation weakening young girls feet.

Do we simply ignore the rapists, robbers, and others engaged in all manor of despicable crimes.
Do we attack all genres of music that weave within and promote negative rhymes.

We know we can never eliminate all crime, but for the youth can we not do more?
Should we not be advocating to stop such young bodies dying on the floor?

I feel this fight needs to see a rise within the families.
As we are the ones crying impacted by this brutality.
Our children are not placing the guns, knifes, drugs and acid on the road
Who will take responsibility. Are the young the instigators of this crime or the old?

Our young people are the ones seen doing the acts.
But who is working behind the scene, who is the puppet master on their backs.
Do the young people manage the borders do they have the power?
To line the streets with violent weapons that many now use to devour.

We all have to take responsibility but government please also stand and also take your own.
You are not just part of the solution you are also part of this challenge and how this has grown.

Teachers you to have to take responsibility, as you chose as a consequence to isolate.
Parents you have spoilt your children, they no longer know how to appreciate.

Police, your approach and racial profiling enhanced and help spread the hate.
Villagers: we removed our young people from a loving gate.
So when we say we want a change and through blames eye we chose to look through.
Know that you are all a part of that change, so let the first change come from within you.

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