Adults I speak to you to seek some clarity.
How many of us are able to discuss our fears with real honesty?
How many of us would use the truth in order to seek amnesty?
How many of us can stand with no masks and speak our truths audibly?
Or do we fear judgement so smile, straighten our faces and talk boloney
Does our need to fit in cause us to say what others want to hear making us the bonhomie?
Or can we in truth, despite the situation engage in a truthful discussion maintaining a calm melody?

How many of us when we have done wrong try to cover it up so that we can get away?
If a friend or family member reported you, would you say it’s okay?
What emotion would truth in this situation cause you to display?
How would that anger inside impact the air flowing from your airways?
Would you understand the ripple effect and take ownership of the wrong you done that day?
Or would you confess your innocence and make excuses in all that you say?

Would your mind run on forgiveness or would you want to knock that person into a ditch?
Would you be happy and proud or would you call them a lying bitch?
Would you say the truth has set you free so use love to make them emotionally rich?
Or would the rage of betrayal cause you to bitterly twitch?
When you are the receiver are you able to turn on the moral switch?
Or is the person that told the truth now at risk of being a snitch?

Doing what is right is never easy, as the truth is accompanied by fear.
For retribution from the many threats given when we as parents or adults are not there.
We advocate honesty, but in truth our young people feel unsafe.
For truth in crippling fear will leave their minds feeling chafed.
What can we do to break this spell and reduce the crime on our streets?
How can our children speak their truth without fear of getting beats?

Switch it up, your company pays you 3 month wages you will never be found out.
Do you give it back with a free conscious and truth will you shout?
Your loved one was hurt, attacked or bullied when they were out
Do you want the culprits names to report them or do you give them a clout?
Reporting the truth is required on every level, the truth we cannot do without
Unlearn the lies, teach ourselves this then this moral will shine from inside out.

You see, fear is the jail that reinforces the lies
Fear is the antecedent for many broken cries
Fear will cause you to believe the truth does not set you free
A statement from young that was said to you and me
But please in that truth let their be some safety in true security.

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1 thought on “Snitch”

  1. Snitches as they call it. Many people would go to the police. But they are frighten if what would happen. The police need to protect these people from the danger they may face. Parents need to have good relationship with their children so they can feel free to open up to them if they are facing any problem on the outside .need facility in the community so all the youth may able to mix together and become one. They are so far apart from each other .police need to build up trust with the youth. so they can trust the authorities

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