As a young child many have a dream and that dream is to simply be loved.
Love teaches the child self confidence and self value in their abilities and self worth
To be held in loves arms, kissed with loves lips and housed inside loves heart
Ensures that young child feels valued and appreciated as a human being on this Earth.

Being deeply loved when young helps a child to grow in strength
Academically, they achieve better with strong parent-child communication in place
Love teaches respect, manners and principles and lessons that never depart
Love will ensure better prospects for children, young people and the family in a healthy space

A child nurtured in love is taught courage through love, is integrated and less anti-social
They feel less alienated and when its required, are convicted by loves principal rule
Knowing we are loved, can be loved and do love is life’s greatest happiness
Love creates social, emotional and individual value, the plaster for all sadness

Teenagers grown in love, are happier, more resilient displaying positive emotions
Love breaks down hostility, combats psychosomatic symptoms and distressing social interactions
The brain releases Oxytocin when a person feels love and a special connection
It is said that the brain actually changes through the result of this affection.

As an adult, love reduces stress creating close bonds and providing someone to turn to
Love reduces the blood pressure and heart rate creating a happy and healthier you
Love has many benefits, love holds hope and in love I have a lot to say
Love may not be the answer for what’s going on but what are the risks when love is taken away.

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