When you’re walking down the street and you see a large group of young people what do you see?
A happy set of children walking, laughing and playful, younger versions of ourselves with the same genetic make up as you and me?
Or do you view them through the media’s eyes regarding them with the veil of fear
Do you look around, try to cross the road, do you become nervous wishing you were anywhere but there?

Do you allow young people the opportunity now to make that first lasting and impacting first impression
Or do the articles you read, stories heard or things seen alter your natural human perception?
Perception is the way in which we organise and interpret sensory information
Signals travel through the nervous system that create a physical and chemical stimulation

The frequent media exposure of traumatic events may be harmful to our mental and physical health
Increasing fear and segregation by the negative way we look at and evaluate ourselves
A local tragedy in a blink of an eye can become a media sensation
Circulating a buzz of emotion and angry interpretation

If such disasters are shared daily on various social media outlets, the paper and the news
What imagery of the group of individuals forms and how does this impact how we create our views
What is the relationship between the media exposure and the one that is actually seeing
If we see one image propelled do we naturally fear it and young people become that being

Without a positive role model to aspire to, what hope is left for our young?
If we propel only one image, what is the risk that it is this image they will aspire to become?
Our adult men are seen as cheaters and untrustworthy, our young are viewed as disrespectful killers
What images come to mind from films where we are respectful community pillars

Films portray black people as mostly drug Lord’s, slaves and criminals but what platform really takes time to reveal us
How many positive illustrations are displayed in films with a strong black cast
Who educates our children on the kings and queens that black people originated from
Many children believe that the black community was birthed from the slavery song

How do we express the spiritual backgrounds our community once formed
How do we magnify the great things we as a society have performed
Who provides the imagery to show we are more than oppression, we are more than hate
We have a wealth of knowledge, skills, attributes and gifts that overload our plate

We have an equal right to be here in freedom equal to all mankind
We have potential, don’t allow these negative images to leave you blind
Let’s create positive role models for our children to see
They need more to look up to than the image of money

For if you instill enough fear into the hearts of another, you have complete control
What should we then do to ensure this negative narrative once and for all is let go
When you look at teenagers in your own family are you immediately filled with fright
Oh do you simply see a good boy/ girl standing before your very sight
Who has been to funeral and heard he was a monster whose heart bore no Love
Or do you see the tears of love, cascading down faces as they seek answers from above

These children we see, are just an extension of someone’s family
They are tomorrow’s generation let’s promote a more positive image so the child with needs is who you see

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