When I was born my parents gave me a name this is who I am
When I went to school I had this name but a friend is who I became
I started as a friend hanging with man dem since we were very little
As we got bigger and bigger my identity became somewhat insignificant and a title

As pressure was applied on me to enter into the postcode war
To decline meant I would be otracised, I would not be able to hang anymore
So rather than break that association, I felt pressured to give in
As beef from association still applies so obvs I still can’t win

Once inside ego decides who runs the local area
If you cross the code you will be G checked then things will get scarier
If your seen as an ops boy, your robbed, stabbed or beaten
Who am I now, my identity has changed simply because of the groups I engage in

Now I am a member of a group Its my turn to go “O”
Off to that country house to sell drugs is where I must go
I stay there for several months and this is how I make my P’s
Armed with a gun and a shank my elders look out for me

The elders are who I look up to they offer support and adult direction
Once I make my money, I give it to them they get a girl to go online to order my protection
Blades she gets off eBay, the guns they’re old and smuggled in
The elders have contacts oversees to help the gangs within

When we’re not in country we sit drinking and smoking in the park
Walking with a shank, waiting to greet an ops with something sharp
I started with a name and yet life has caused me to evolve
Into this teenager that now I simply don’t know

Parents want to do something but it’s to late as teenagers do what they want to do
You can keep up with all the talking but kids are not listening to you
It’s annoying I cannot visit an area without the fear of being. G-checked
It’s frustrating to know my identity is lost and all around your faced with no respect

Right now this life is fun and games but what does my future hold
With poor grades and a criminal record, what will the adult me be told
You call out for youth clubs but I myself do not like to socialise there
Half of the parents know their kids are stealing , they ignore it and simply don’t care

There is something though I feel can be done to ensure this matter is improved
Start your work in primary schools before the innocent mindset is removed
It might sound cliché but get to them when they are young
As this will definitely influence who they grow up to become
Then hopefully unlike me they will grow to really see
With the right positive guidance who they are supposed to be

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5 thoughts on “Thirteen”

  1. Wow! What insight from a thirteen year old. So this could be one of my boys in my year 8 / year 9 class? There must still be some hope and something we secondary teachers can do for these kids…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Educate yourselves, educate them, be aware of signs and symptoms. Bring us in to facilitate workshops and assembles. I have started to email schools to introduce ourselves along with the course content, aims and objectives. X


  2. It’s real talk the youth them turn to gangs .and look up to the elders in the gangs and out them as families. But what I think is because they cannot communicate with their parents. Some of us parents don’t listen to our children what they have to say .we hag them up swear and carry on a way so they go the street and look for what we parents should be giving then love attention

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree in part, but we cannot deny free will. Some children are hard wired from things they have been exposed to. Even those that have parents willing to listen, they struggle to find the language to explain.


  3. Woow! How can a 13 year old knows this match? This really is important and helpful as far as primary school is concerned. We need to educate them more before they leave primary school. God help us.

    Liked by 1 person

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