County lines

Very often adults think they know exactly the reasons why we do as we do
Sinister motives are created, but sometimes it’s as simple as we want to
Some of us are groomed, deceived and forced into this life, but some really do make the choice
People want to make quick money, £600 in two weeks man don’t want to be out here looking moist

It’s easy to get into it and you don’t have to be a part of any gang
Just hook up with the local man dem as long as you know where they hang
They set it up in a matter of calls. Connections in country are then informed
That someone is on their way, details exchanged, off we go. This for many is the norm

The houses are not always the crack dens as you see them portrayed on national television
They are somebody’s actual home and it’s arranged for us to stay for a few weeks to carry out the mission
We’re sitters as if we’re simply waiting for the phone to ring, then someone will knock the door
Its usually a white area, so we don’t walk up and down as they will call the police on any suspicious behavior reporting what they saw.

Sometimes you can be part of a set up, as buyers will watch the house to access the operation
Checking out how many of us are inside, how we move, they have watchers who report the situation
Then out of the blue, they kick in the door taking everything they see in sight
Drugs, money, anything of value they come armed and ready to fight

Its not a glamorous life, easy money, clothes, cars, trainers and chains
They don’t always pay you what was promised, you’re robbed, beaten and left in pain
You go for a time and you’re expected to bring back a certain amount of money
If you return without the change, the consequences my friend, are not funny

Buyers will assess you on your look, weight, strength and size
If you’re small, in their minds they are going home with the ultimate prize
You’re robbed on sight, everything is taken, you’re beaten, injured bleeding and weak
You know when you report the drugs, money and phone is gone, life for you is peak

Some mans are snaky, they get on this hype with their own negative intentions
Greed is their overall incentive they collect the drugs returning to sell as they now have their own business creating
They switch off phones, lay low, hide then say man’s was caught and in pen
But the Lord you stole from wants his money, he comes looking for you again and again

They know you from before, where you live, your friends and where you regularly go
They are watching, preeing multiple cars driving by nice and slow
Friends are stopped “oi where’s so and so, tell him man’s looking for him and its beef on sight”
Money makes you do stupid things, even places you in deathly fights

Threats on your life, threats on your family all man can do is lay low
He has the money, the drugs, he just has to wait till they decide to let it go
As time goes on, some will squash it, but they pree a man to catch him when he is slipping
If you’re caught on a lack, you’re attacked, stabbed or shot, blood is always left dripping.

But what are the options to save a life when many don’t want to give us jobs
Then when they do it’s minimum wage, bank hours I feel I am being robbed
I don’t want this life but man’s gotta eat, somehow I need to earn a keep
If society does not want us to go, provide better opportunities for us to hold us on our feet

Man cannot live by bread alone, entice us with more than the streets
How can we match this wealth in an honest way and in turn our lives we keep?
We don’t have the answers, music and sport cant be the only dreams, wealth is what we seek
What doorways can you open for youth to place us on corporate seats?

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2 thoughts on “County lines”

    1. We must first educate ourselves so we have a greater understanding of what young people are facing. This will help us to see their needs more clearly. I will keep speaking anf sharing. I just hope people chose to listen with a desire to take action


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