The power of words

As a human we are literally hard wired by narrative
Words that thread and weave our lives together, false information can lead to wrong choices
For power is in words, they are able to educate or deceive
Words enlighten, entertain, hurt, uplift you, through narrative emotions are achieved

We live in a world where life is shaped by stories
The power of death and life is in the tongue and birthed in narrative glory
Memes, pictures, statuses, words, they all create narrative power
The words that we speak, written down or spoken on another’s life will tower

For the narrative in itself creates a framework for narrative space
Merging into the intangible realm of the story creating uplift or disgrace
Causing another to pretend they are someone or something they are not
Creating a pretense in silence wearing a mask to make it lest they’re forgot

Slang offers an immediate index to changing ones perception
A restriction in words can provide an academic perception
If I began my sentence with now which one of you are to blame
Then reworded it to how can I support you to resolve this is the emotion the same

If I were to say toxic women are the reason boys are walking around as demons
Do I sound like I am interested in helping you find positive and proactive solutions
If I said parents it’s your thought why are you not searching your children’s room
Do I uplift you, or do I enforce guilt, disconnect, gloom and doom

Words are powerful, words are a truth. Words are a necessity of life
Use your words wisely as your tongue can be as sharp as a two edged knife.

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