I remember the day like it was yesterday, I was coming home from school
You were sat with a couple of boys at the bottom of the road on the wall
It started with “what you saying, you good yeah” to you buying me a Coke
A couple questions later you realised one day i was hungry and broke.
I remember the first time you brought me food, it felt like I had known you all my life
Through our discussions, I told you about all my worries, my home life and strife

I was watching you as the older, your behaviour influenced me
Just by sitting on the wall with you, you started to give me money
You took my number then started to make regular phone calls soon you had work for me
I never saw you come home from work but you always said things are busy
As the weeks went on the food and drink continued, after months you added the weed
I did not know at that time that in befriending me you were simply planting the seed

You talked about my finances and showed me a stack of cash, you said I ain’t no snitch
You said “ do you like seeing this amount of money, you can have it to I’ll make you rich”
All you have to do is sit in a house for a week and someone will come to collect the products
“you can see I got money, I give you weed, food, drink man can change your luck.

Just like that you gave me a package and asked me to drop it off
I was robbed on that day, everything gone my debt began with the loss
I was scared as I did not know what to do, by now mum knew something was wrong
Don’t worry I got you, olders will sort that out” you comforted me and hummed your song
A few weeks later you asked me again how I planned to pay back my debt
Now I am 15 what can I do? In fear I would shake and sweat

I did not want to get in trouble and I did not want my mum to know
I decided I would simply disappear, to clear the debt to country I would go
Roll on 6 years and here I am sat writing in my cell
See the job I was sent on did not go to plan and we ended up killing one girl
The details of why I cannot explain, I am confused how this had become my life
I was 16 years old, high on wind, on a hype and carrying a knife
My mum was fed up, well what could I say, I could not explain how I came to be
In debt to this boy for many years just because he chose to say hello to me

What is grooming? It’s when someone builds an emotional connection
With a vulnerable person to bring about there own selfish desired action
Exploitation and grooming can happen online or face to face
Our children and young people are the subject matter some groomers are peers in their space
This is a form of child abuse as it is child criminal exploitation
How many of us really understand the real roots of this youth violence situation

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