Solutions part 3

Breaking news this week was the snow and measures cascaded by Sajid Javid
For those who don’t know him, he is the Home Secretary; a short, Asian man with a bald head.
His new measures will see children as young as 12 imprisoned for carrying a knife
With additional curfews and sanctions on habitual offenders roaming to take a life.

The measures will see a sanction on children who are found to have weapons on them at School
With additional bans on social media, but how will they manage this and with what tools?

Police will also have additional powers to carry out stop and search.
In discussions I have shared that this, in my opinion is just a reactive knee jerk
There was no measure that stated young people will be afforded greater education
To teach them self worth, entrepreneurship, purpose and self preservation

There was no mention of the support that would be offered to the families
To help identify the needs, create solutions to meet those needs and seek supportive remedies

In the event one of these measures are breached it will hold a custodial sentence of two years
As a community do you think this is beneficial? do these measures bring hope and umbrella your fears?
Why do we not start with young people and make them the center of our solutions?
Allow them a safe space to project their voice, show their needs and buy into these new resolutions

A change begins within, an emotion that stirs from the core of ones heart
We need to see our children as people, not just a statistic or a label and we need the bias to depart

Change starts with a change of narrative, a change of mindset, determination, commitment and willingness
We need to stop searching for it to come from the government as we each can bring some light to the darkness.

Support for the families can come in the form of community gatherings
We have so much knowledge amongst us, strength can form in networking
We may not be financially rich but if many only gave a pound
What impact can be achieved in that unity, what support can be felt around?

Right now I see many young boys but they are reported as being a gang
I just see young men who deserve to grow and have an opportunity to be a man.

I see mouths with so much knowledge and hidden wisdom that needs to depart.
Listening to young people, making them an integral part of the solution is a good start.

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