Solutions pt 4

Guest blogger: Rachel Rose MSc

A solution to our youths needs is at the centre of everyone’s heart
But for most of us.. we don’t even know where to start.
What started as one or two incidences
Is now practically an every day occurrence.

There are many people creating programmes and other great things,
But many don’t want to collaborate to help our young queens and kings.

The saviour complex is real
Many want to be the answer and help our kids heal.
But feel their answer is the only one to seal the deal.
But there’s one thing that needs to be understood
Theres not just one answer to heal the neighbourhood.

There was not just one thing that has lead to the state we are in
So how could there be just one answer for the win.
Instead of a fractured but working system of programmes
Let’s pool our efforts and help our young people out of these jams.

Starting with monthly borough meetings detailing what you offer and your capacity.
Using that info centrally to access programs for kids in the city.

Helplines for families, away from social service
Because the stigma attached makes many families nervous.
Community aided funding to help get things up and running
Because governmental assistance right now doesn’t appear to be forthcoming.

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1 thought on “Solutions pt 4”

  1. Yes we all should make an effort to come together and share ideas to find solutions because the government aren’t and they don’t care. This issue affects all of us.


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