Selflove over pain

Life can be filled with emotional bumps, many bruises and strains along the way

What is it about the human brain that when we struggle we’re ashamed to say

Why is it only validated in large traumatic events that someone can breakdown and cry

But in another circumstance you’re supposed to be strong wiping those silly tears from your eye

When faced with rejection many say good riddance but really you’re in need of emotional first aid

The back bone of the family when ever you see a need, but when it’s you the favour is never repaid

That call that was not returned, the social media block the resolve you feel when your alone

By day you smile seeming in control, at night the tears fall and your mask slips with every groan

Why do we feel the importance to live a farce rather than admit that deep down we are hurt

Angry that our family fails to see our needs, ashamed we are struggling to cope secretly feeling like dirt.

Children say parents don’t listen, parents feeling the child is ungrateful and simply does not care

Boyfriends wanting more than you seem to give, girlfriends believing you just do not care

What can be done to transform your heart ache, what steps can improve the situation

Start by blocking the holes created by loss, illness and bitter rejection

Rejection toys with your need to belong impacting your ability to think

Letting go and not ruminating over past hurts will reduce mental decline where you sink

Although it is good to reflect on a painful event to obtain the lessons to be learnt

Ruminating without remedy increases stress levels, is addictive leaving you scorned and angrily burnt

Try to turn your failures, loss, hurt or pain into a positive plan to execute

Focus on a way to succeed and better yourself, speak up don’t let shame make you a mute

There are some situations you will face again ensure your better prepared

Some situations are out of your control, but you have a choice rise up or simply remain scared

Guilt is a healthy emotion and is beneficial as used right can prevent you harming another

But guilt that lingers in an excessive way, impacts your life and relationships with others

Express how you feel showing empathy as not everyone will understand the impact they have on you

This will enable authentic forgiveness from your heart to come shining on through

Don’t look to another to build you up, use self affirmation to make you whole

Don’t allow yourself to be trapped in the narrative of low self worth they say can’t, so say I can

everyone carries emotional scars that affect health and quality of their life span

The point that I am making is the choice is yours, your healing lays in your own hands

Truth for me is the agent to change, in my situation it enabled me to feel empowered

Strangely I was nervous and ashamed of judgement, believing negativity would be showered

I knew if I wanted to see change the truth of my life had to be laid on the table

First it was Kyron’s truth, having a knife in his bag was the most challenging of all my parables

Convinced he would be judged with many believing he lived by the sword so deserved to die

I choose initially not to utter a word, but even in remaining silent I displayed a lie

It’s okay as parents to struggle, it’s okay as a child to feel misunderstood

It’s okay as a partner to feel betrayed and disappointed if you’re not treated the way you should

It’s normal to face situations where you feel you cannot cope, we all make mistakes but life should not end

There is an answer to every question, a comfort out there for every tear, try speaking to a friend

We have doctors, parents, teachers, colleagues, helplines, families, and therapists you don’t have to feel alone

Remove your mask, the decision is yours, it’s hard but let self love enter your hearts home.

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