Andre’s story the beginning

This post is part of a 4 part series


It is carried out in year 7, pecking order, top dog, middle group, bottom group and those not involved

I felt like I was the problem “join these lot” I chose not to and that is when it turned cold

I was bullied for not belonging to a group, disliked for not taking a side

If you don’t join a group you’re seen to be turning against them and that wounds a man’s pride.

One day I went to the toilet, some boys from year 11 followed me

They kicked the door open so hard it crashed into my face what a humility

Seeing this the year 7 boys decided this is what they would follow

I’m not sure if they ever thought their victims had no feelings or if we were just hollow

I ended up in so many fights, my mum started driving me to school

I never picked up a weapon, never armed myself with any tool

One day mum dropped me off, I stopped at the shop, when I left he was sat on the wall

I did not know him, he was an older brother to a couple of boys at my school

He made a hand gesture to someone, I felt pain to my head losing my balance I fell to the floor

I must have blacked out because when I woke up lots of feet was all I saw

Blows raining down they were stamping on my head

25 friends and strangers around, no one helped they just watched my pain instead

My mum she ran to save me as she had seen me from the car

Face bust, eyes swollen, blood in my mouth, I saw rage this had gone to far

2 months I was off school, I was supposed to be preparing for my GCSE.s

I was home taught, the police have all the details but no justice has been given to me

I returned to school angry, feeling like an animal betrayed, ready to show violence to anyone that spoke

The children mocked my situation using it to run some kind of joke

These so called friends left me, I could have died, I struggled so discussed my feelings with my mum and dad

They brought me a punching bag to help release my frustration in times when I felt mad.

My attacker had friends in my school, they mocked my friends for standing by and doing nothing

I carried on boxing as I sort a way to change my rage into a positive thing

Then one day my attackers friends decided they were going to rush all boys wearing my colour tie

They came at me, I was punched, I punched one in the mouth, he ran with a bust lip and a cry

To my surprise at the end of school 30 mans was waiting to see my face

I jumped the wall and called my mum. My school said they could not help or keep me safe

Imagine the pain to hear those words, how can my school not offer protection

With no support I was alone with no police or teachers to improve this situation

I finished my GCSE’s at home. I went to Senco alone with no one else there

My bullies went to prom and were able to complete their final year

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7 thoughts on “Andre’s story the beginning”

  1. Andre’s story is heartbreaking and I hope that Andre and his family can be strong and persevere in this cruel society and organizations that don’t give care and support for vulnerable and terrified young people.. Intervention must start early in their childhoods in order to make a difference. It seems like these bullies are left to run wild and not face harsh punishment for what they do. Their mindsets need to change because they believe that behaving like this makes them hard and superior but they are just mere cowards without a soul.

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  2. Reading about this yiund man my heard pain .what happen to the teacher how did they allowed this bullying to carry in so long withough getting the police involve .I applaud this young man for been strong. And still carry on to do his exam well don son .at the end you will be the winner

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  3. Hi Rachel, I am going to buy your book this week, I have just read the preview with the ambulance transcript and you talking about going into labour with Kyron and absolutely sobbed at it all. I am so sorry for your loss, I like to read your amazing poetry and keep up to date with your blog. I was Kyron’s progress leader for a short time at the school he attended in Manchester, when I heard what happened I had just gone on maternity leave. It made me laugh how you put that he made his teachers work for their money because he was just so quiet in form, I am so glad I had the pleasure to meet him and I look forward to reading the book.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and it’s nice to hear how Kyron was in form time. We are holding a youth needs event in Manchester on 17th April, it would be nice to meet you whilst we are there.


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