Andre’s story pt2


This post is part of a 4 part series.
I started college in 2016 as you can imagine with all that went on my GCSE’s were not the best

However in college things had calmed down I was winning at life’s test

That summer I went to my cousins party as I entered I saw some of the 30 boys

Concerned I took my cousin outside, I wanted to explain things away from the noise

I explained that there were people at the party that do not like me I said they had to leave

My cousin went to speak to the DJ to sort things out to my relieve

As I entered I was pushed back it was too late one of them had pulled a knife out on me

I looked up for help i saw my friend, he had known me since we were in primary

Betrayed again as they all stood back and simply looked on no one offered me any aid

How can this happen a second time, no one helped me the realisation laid.

I ran with all my might, I had to get away ducking in-between the cars,
I was not physically hurt that day but I felt the emotional scars

These were the days when youth gangs were building, increasing in negative activity

Girls influenced a man’s attitude as their presence influenced a man’s mentality.

One day after college I got on the 157 bus and I went to sit upstairs

A group of boys got on and I quickly became the target of their stares

The next thing I know three of them began to run at me

I did not have a weapon, but I grabbed my bag and swung it around confidently

Fooled by this gesture they stopped and walked away. Again my life was spared on this day

Angered once again, what had I done wrong, they chose to follow me, what did I say

Have you ever considered the effect of constant abuse and targeting

Does anyone every consider the emotions this treatment stirs within

Do you ever wonder how demotivating fear is, the struggle of not being in control

Just having someone watch you, deciding you have no right to grow

Do you know what it feels like to have a knife drawn on you thinking today may be my last

Do you know how hard it is when as a child the right choice causes you to become an outcast

I often ask would I still face this if I were just that little bit taller.
Many describe this as a thugs life but in truth it’s actually just trauma.

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2 thoughts on “Andre’s story pt2”

  1. How did you continued to study and progress in your education. And have don so well the emotional inpack and scar that these hulligan bullies don to you.i encourage you to to continued strive xx

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  2. My heart bleeds for this young man because he was just trying to get on with his life and just kept being targeted for no reason. Andre don’t give up because what you have experienced will not be in vain and not every human would just stand and look when someone is being attacked even though your experience does not express that. Please don’t give up on humanity because there are people in society that will support you to remain strong and support you with dealing with your extremely traumatic experiences.

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