Andre’s story: Is this my life

Another day part 3

This post is part of a 4 part series

A few days later I was dressed in an Armani top, jeans holding a JD sports bag

I was approached at the bus stop “come let me talk to you around the corner” was this man mad

Why I said, I’m not a female you can talk to me here

He pulled out a knife while giving me a chilling and deathly stare

I side stepped into the road, banging on a ladies car bonnet “help me please he has a knife”

“Get out the road I am late” was her only response to this deathly rife

Here I was begging for aid, for someone to help me live

I was nothing to this stranger, not worthy for her care she chose not to give.

Imagine how broken and scared this scene must be.

I look up and there are mans with knives, fuelled adrenaline in rage chasing me

I am being chased for no other reason than I am a black youth in the current day.

I am not in a gang, I am not a thug, why is my life planning out this way.

I ran with all my might, I took my phone and said Suri call mum

She answered “mum quick he’s running me down with a knife drive quick and come”

I told her my location she made it in time, we drove around but never saw the attacker

We told the police, they did not do anything, I cherish my mum what would I have done without her.

I hear some say its the weed so don’t smoke if you cannot handle it

Some blame it on drill music stop listening if you’re influenced by it

I must admit when I listen to drill I do feel like I am in the video

But if you’re easily influenced some of the lyrics are a definite no

Some of the responsibility lays within the home as you’re influenced by your upbringing

If negatively influenced as a child your adult mindset will sting

We are also influenced by school depending on how the mindset is trained

Games like grand theft auto were not allowed to impress my childhood brain

I used to watch wrestling so imitated what I saw

I got into so much trouble when I clothed lined my friend to the floor

That was all my mum had to see to initiate an immediate ban

My mum held authority and my love in her hands.

Born whole into a family but broken down by circumstance

What do we young people have to do. When will life give me a positive glance.

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