Andre’s story: Light

This post is part of a 4 part series

Aftermath part 4

Street violence scares my mum, but it does not really scare me

The knowledge that it happens on road leaves me feeling weary

You see a group of white boys they pass each other and say hello

Black boys don’t do that, its an instant issue, with an angered glow.

Many friends from school are in prison for drugs and sadly also for knife crime

They have a chance to think about the lives they ruined and negative experiences they created for others like mine.

It takes a lot to pull out a knife on someone, and more for them to push it in to another

My advice if it happens to you, is don’t aggravate the situation, hide the fear and ego reason with a brother.

Be mindful of your body language as this only makes things worse

Be calm, reduce the risk, try to reason don’t cuss or curse

Use conversation to make the matter personal

Many have little brothers, how would they like someone to do to them what they want to do to you

Why do youth’s carry sometimes its just to maintain an image

Some carry for protection, peer pressure, these ones don’t even promote blood spillage

I don’t see why anyone would use a knife, knock a man down then lift him up and shake his hand

Why get a criminal record or risk shortening your own life’s span

As young people it’s not easy to get a job, the constant rejection makes you feel like shit

Leaves you questioning life, everyone around you has money, you have no way of earning it

We only see opportunity in retail but there is little progression and you simply feel trapped

I left my job, mum became stressed, I started selling drugs, not for long Dwayne Johnson saw to that

He met me on the road and for the first time someone offered to help me out of this blip

He took me to the job centre and supported me to complete an application for an apprenticeship

I became a member of his organisation “inside success”, I gained experience and became a team leader

Inside success improved my mental thinking, I believed in myself I knew I could do better

Sadly inside success collapsed due to the lack of government funding, volunteer staff needed to get a paid occupation

The initiative has started up again today it is now a church known as the spat nation

As a church they have money they are able to recruit the young people in
But now many see a barrier due to its teaching and promotion of religion

Still they are helping to get young black people safely off the streets

Me, well what can I say with the love and support of my mum and Dwayne I landed on my feet

I am 20 now currently working in a school as a 1:1 support teacher

Motivated to work as a youth worker, sharing my story as a motivational speaker.

Thank you for listening being able to share my story has strengthened my mental health.

Self preservation, support, helping others when in need, more opportunities and loyalty is a way we can better ourselves

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2 thoughts on “Andre’s story: Light”

  1. Good on you Andre! You have managed to keep fighting on and now you are in a much better place. You are an inspiration to humanity and I wish you good fortune throughout your life because you are a valuable human being and you will touch many people’s lives.😊😊😊

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  2. This is beautiful. A harrowing tale but so glad and inspired by this young man, his mum, Dwayne Johnson and all the many people out there just like these to show us that there IS hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Xx

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