Twelve months ago I was suicidal, despondent, empty, disconnected .I felt I had nothing to live for

Circumstances kept many trapped in sadness, silence kept many family and friends from my door

I felt isolated, I felt alone convinced I was nothing, not worthy of anyone’s love or compassion

I could not make sense of my surroundings, I thought I gave so much but in return I gained devastation.

For many months this world was bleak, death became a glamorous beauty, living was no longer a motivation

Then came the vision and subsequent birth of KAW community services, I tapped into purpose and my life found a new destination

Birthed from death, came a passion a desire to help, grow and spread solutions and awareness

I no longer rose wondering, questioning, I rose willing, as now I knew my calling, I had found strength in my purpose

Can you look back and reflect on a time when you questioned your purpose in life?

Unhappy in your job, a sense of demotivation, depression, persistent worries and strife?

Having no purpose can change your outlook on life and your views from within

Causing you to become vulnerable to stress and your vision in life grim

Purpose is an essential characteristic that is craved after by many human beings

we face psychological set backs when purpose from our lives is fleeing

Purpose is fundamental to the inner fulfillment of life, the drive to overcome hopelessness

Giving us all something to strive towards, bringing substance to fill that nothingness

The question is asked why do children carry knives and what can we do to make things better

Connect them to purpose, by creating opportunities is a good first goal setter

Without purpose we are more vulnerable to boredom , anxiety and depression

We lack self belief, self worth, becoming more susceptible to peer pressure and negative altercations

To deal with the outcomes, some turn to mind altering substances that relieve us from our mental discord

This can be alcohol or drugs, but as a community can we not offer a greater reward?

What happened to recruitment fairs? where all children have a chance to explore corporate careers

A pilot, engineer, politician, judge. Self worth and self preservation is something that shouldn’t be rare

When you have purpose you do not wake wondering what am I going to do with myself

Or as our young people say “what’s the motive?” as purpose creates a spiritual wealth

When you rise in purpose, you’re engaged and motivated to succeed and live

Tackling the emotion that lies behind the behaviour is one of the greatest supports we can give

With purpose there is drive, Life feels easier, less stressful and somewhat less complicated

With purpose there is hope, there is a desire to live, to achieve, your whole presence feels motivated.

With purpose, negative things happen but your outlook on life is more positive and you embrace positive change

With purpose, we have focus, we are inspired, we have determination and zeal within our range

Government, use the funding to create opportunities so young people have focus and get up and go

Help them to become motivated with life, provide equal options, ensure they all know

How to access strong careers, give them an opportunity to successfully earn

If they can become street entrepreneurs then they clearly have the ability to learn

Finding purpose creates mental strength that makes it more challenging for negativity to seep in

I say creating opportunities that motivate purpose is a definite solution where we win

Every business has a purpose, a mission statement and an aim

Please I humbly ask that you afford our young people the same.

Check out my novel Hello madness good bye joy. Available to buy now on Amazon paperback and ebook.

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1 thought on “Purpose”

  1. Their is always purpose .Europe to live and to help others like yourself. Purpose to be their for your children purpose because you are special in many ways .purpose because many look up to you. Please don’t feel alone as you can call on me any times. I look up to you as a strong woman who are fighter for the youth’s to become better person and so they can see reason for life .I love you.be strong my love every tears you shed its tears of pain and asked the question WHY ?
    Just remember you are very special

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