Through the child’s eyes

Guest blogger

Hi my name is Marie, I am ten years old today and I wanted to have my say

I am affected by this world because my brother Kyron died in a horrible way

When I see the news and the Tele saying this person aged so and so has died

I feel sad as they could have been a member of my family that I have not met yet, then I remember how mummy cried.

It’s not fair for the family that is left behind as they have to experience the hurt

My brother felt pain and he had to bleed out but we saw the pain and could not help, I felt like dirt

It takes the police forever to find the people in London who have done bad things

Who go around bullying and threatening others, but I don’t think it’s just teenagers like the news always sings

Adults hurt people too but on the Tele you will always see the children

I feel angry because all these teenagers are dying for no reason

Who is really impacted as all I see are the mother’s left with tears over and over again

That’s why I don’t want to be with my mum as she is in the most pain

Mummy is always crying and this makes me sad

I don’t want my mum to talk about Kyron as I don’t want to see her cry and this makes me feel bad

It upsets me and makes me feel angrier at Maxwell, angry I often feel

But again I say it’s not only teenagers that go out and kill

Murderers should all have to serve their time in jail, it should be life for a life

Killers are not just young and black, everyone does wrong, and adults have also carried a knife.

Adults you can help by being good examples, you can also search your children before they leave out

Take an interest in what they are doing, know all the friends and where they hang about

Check where they are going, whose house they are going to

Some children don’t listen to their parents so call your friend or your mummy, find someone to support you

Children carry for protection against people that carry knifes, who threaten them and bully

Adults can you not protect us? Can you together stop the tears being cried by all the mummies?

At ten I don’t want to grow up with only murder and blood in my sight

News should not just scare children but encourage us in hope on how to live right

Parents try to stop letting your children out at night unless they go by a mini cab

This will keep them safe at night, when the killing stops I will be glad

Teenagers used to make me feel safe now when I see a group I become scared

I don’t like this and I choose to stay away, I lower my head and try not to stare

I hold onto my brother’s tie as I know I cannot survive on this earth without my twin

It will be too hard to continue with life, too hard to smile or even grin

Teenagers never be rude to me on the street but the Tele shows me that teenagers are stabbing each other

A teenager killed Kyron but some teenagers are really good like my older brother

Sagging trousers, side bag/pouch, hoody, smoking and walking with loads of boys

This is how my brother and cousin dress, but they would not kill anyone or even walk making loads of noise

This look does not mean you’re bad, it’s how all the teenagers dress

Adults need to help the children, to help them be their best.

My mum has written a book about my brother Kyron. You can buy it on Amazon by pressing this link.

3 thoughts on “Through the child’s eyes”

  1. Thank you Marie, for sharing your thoughts and expressing just how grief impacts you as a child in today’s world. I think you are very brave to be able to speak up at 10 years old, and I pray that your words touch all of us adults who read them to help make a difference in any way we can.

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  2. You are a brave young lady Marie to share with others how you are thinking and feeling. My heart goes out to you because it must be so hard to deal with your pain especially because you are still very young. I wish and hope the best for your future.

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