Different ends

A general misconception is that we are all psychopaths

That we are callous and lack empathy, unleashing nothing but deadly wrath

Many believe we fail to take accountability for our actions and deeds

Pathological liars roaming the streets to find someone to make bleed

You see me as anti social, you see my image as something to fear

You see self entitlement, a grandiose of self worth, a face never shedding a tear

You see me as a criminal, conniving and manipulative, a gang member, a monster or a thug

You no longer see a human, a child in need of direction, guidance and a hug

Words are used to demonise and de-humanise, chasing the humanity out of our eyes

If I see myself as nothing but a thing, why will I have empathy for him who now holds the image we despise?

For me, I carry as I don’t see the knife as a weapon causing, but a weapon of emptiness

When I leave out of my yard, I’m demon hunting to belong and be part of a togetherness

I don’t walk in a gang, but in a society where I am put out, I still have the need to feel embraced

So to belong, I need to act accordingly and I have become what society calls me, now look upon the child you chased

You have all chosen to put us, the teenagers away and outside of your fold

How many of you try to speak to us to share the wisdom your elders once told

Only men that have walked in my shoes, convicted and served time in pen are willing to hear our voices

They seem to be the only ones wanting us to make amends and make better choices

You all ask why are children killing, but how many of you are actually ready to hear what we have to say.

How many young people’s voices spoke at the knife crime summit, how many children were heard on that day

You think you can stop this by placing my generation under lock and key

But how do you change it for the generations that are coming after me

What changes will society make to help my youngers take another path

Or will you continue to see us as objects and treat us all like outcasts

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