Mould Love

How do you expect us to mould in love when hate is all you give?

We are always seen as less than human, an image but not really a kid

I feel like another species simply because I am young and black

You gave knife crime a colour, so now from all angles I am attacked.

I was groomed, we went to the police but they saw me as the criminal

I went to social services to ask for help but their input was minimal

Two years ago while walking down the street I was stopped by two boys and stabbed

The first question was not, are you okay?, no the police asked “are you in a gang lad?”

Sat at the hospital crippled in fear as the police were immediately called

No protection was offered, my clothes were not taken to process for evidence, the word justice has me fooled.

My mum picked up my blood stained clothes and carried them herself to the police

No therapy was offered to me, no one asked “what can we do son?” to help my trauma release

I opened up the paper and there was hype because a white girl had been stabbed in Essex

The article said it was a black boy that walked up and stabbed her in the back, I thought “man is pathetic”

But then a few days later we heard the guy was white, how can such a thing be mistaken

I googled it and there it was, it stated it was Croatian man, a name but yet a photo of a black child had been taken

The face near the story is a picture of a black boy, who himself died from an attack, this is not right

All because the media want to believe people who kill with a knife, are not white

Strangers look at me and immediately, they see a thug or member of a gang

No one says Good morning, have a lovely day, who speaks to me to see if I am an ambitious young man.

I am fed up of walking in fear of my own community

Simply because the media uses words to make sure this is our reality

I am fed up of feeling like nothing, ostracised and isolated from this “so called” society

Just because of the community I belong to you limit my exposure to growth and opportunities

People often say knife crime is not new, gangs have always been around

Even my mum and she is ancient, says gangs in her school were found

But should this matter or make a difference when so many people are dying

Crime is colourless did you watch “stabbed” white people too are crying

If we are grown influenced by those around us and labels in the media

Many of us will become who you tell us we are, your views play a part to every wound of a bleeder

I was born black and for that I am proud

But this should not make me an image to fear in the crowd

This does not mean my life becomes second to any case

Reflect on the hate you teach me simply because of my race

Hello madness, Goodbye joy Novel by Rachel Webb on the murder of her son Kyron Webb can be purchased on Amazon e-book and paperback by using this link.

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