A question

I wish to ask a question, “Do we all have equal opportunities to succeed in life?”

Are we afforded the same legal opportunities and outcomes if caught in illegal strife?

Can you say all children leave school with the same level of basic essential skills?

Would you say school allows us to tap into a network of community support to turn life’s survivors wheels?

All those that call us feral, do they truly understand what it feels like to be hunted?

Do they truly know that tight feeling you get in your chest or the fear felt if man behind you has grunted?

Do they know how the heart beats, that dizziness when another teenager walks your way?

Do you know how petrifying it is hearing “what end you from?” not knowing what to say

Do you know how it feels to not be protected from another’s man’s ego?

Do you know how psychologically draining it is to have to look over your shoulder everywhere you go?

A hoodie up and a hat is not to scare you it’s to protect me and cover my face

Do you understand how daunting it is to feel you may die if your eye contact is misplaced?

Ignorance tells you that I see this life because of a lifestyle choice that I have chosen

Ignorance tells you I may become a victim because of the slack rules my mum may have woven

Ignorance may tell you some see this life purely because particular ethic groups lack intelligence and education

I read a comment the other day it said gang members are the offspring of the saintly wind rush generation

Ignorance thinks it can be solved by parents giving us a “clip around the ear” and removing social media

Someone else said education over rap music, certain groups blaming others for the pains we have come to see here

But what say you then for me? I grew up in a family of 6, we had our mum and dad

Going to school was my escape when out of my house I felt really glad

I often watched boys in school get into trouble and they would say to the teachers “it’s because I am black”

The teacher would always have a frustrated comment to shout right back

These boys left school with some GCSE’s I left school with eight

I would not say I was born in poverty and always had food to eat on my plate

But I have been stabbed 3 times and walk with a knife to protect me in a fight

I am not an offspring of the wind rush generation, I am 18 from Britain and I am white

My friends are white, Asian, black and some are mixed raced

To not see all young people are trapped in this madness is ignorance’s biggest disgrace

I don’t care who is to blame, or what level of hatred people feel they need to show and give

I just want this spoken collaboration to find the right solution because children and young people are crying out to live

It does not matter the colour of your skin the mother’s tears are still clear

It does not matter what colour fell, for that broken heart will still tear

Murder is sweeping the streets and leaving a rippling wave of fear

Ignorance be gone, we only have time for demonstrated solutions over here.

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2 thoughts on “A question”

  1. It is good you have reach out to someone .someone who can give you advice and lead you down the right path. Young man you should go to the police. About your incidence. Dont walk with a knife..UF police stop you and scratch u and fund it you will be send to Jail .and you are the innocent one .hold your head high xxx


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