Mr Murderer

I am the mother of your victim, the one you left behind

The one whose life was shattered the moment my son’s body was found

The one issued a life sentence the moment his lifeless body hit the ground

Our tale began 20 years ago today, I eagerly waited for 42 weeks to see his beautiful face

The same face you looked at on the night you bought your family so much disgrace

Pain ripped through me as my body began to prepare itself for his birth

How did your body feel as you prepared to return him to the earth?

My legs shook as my waters broke, I became so tired but the nurse still shouted push

I screamed out before biting his dad’s hands as life came out with a whoosh

The moment I held him into my arms the pain had fled, it was no more

But you brought pain back to me, one that has rocked me to the core

I can see his stumbling baby steps one, two oops he fell giggling to the ground

Were those the same steps he took with you, or did he wander around

At night I watched him sleep, my body reacted to his every cry

This night your eyes watched him, but not checking for life you watched him die

Mr murderer I made a baby with a man from love felt emotions of the chest

Mr murderer you called out my baby from his homely nest

It took me 15 hours before I saw life emerge and heard his cry fill the air

But 1 minute with you and now the product of that love is no longer here

I remember my excitement as we dressed for his first day of school

Who would have believed at the age of 18 you would make him deaths fool

My house was once filled with chatter, loud music, friends and youthful activities

Now because of you its filled with tears, silence, and painful triggered memories

Mr murderer what happened, what caused that disconnect within your heart

What caused the organ of life to beat such a distain that you caused another life to depart

Mr murderer the heart is the organ of life without it the rest of the body cannot function

I ask again Mr murderer what caused yours to execute such brutal destruction

My child was pure, with promise he was my heart, my world, my life my everything

As I am sure when your mother first saw you she heard the melody of the heavens sing

When your mother walked smiling holding your small chubby hands

I’m sure she never imagined in a few years these hands would take the life of another man’s

What did life do to you that brought this disconnect, that distanced love within your path

What caused those dopamine levels to decrease allowing you to act out so much wrath

Many have tried to answer but My murderer I seek the answer only from you

As only you know what you felt that night. Only you can share what is true

His eyes sparkled when he smiled. When he looked at you did you only see his fear?

My murderer please explain to his daughter why her father is no longer here.

Did you high five your friends believing this to be a battle you had won

Mr murderer how does it feel now sat in the cell for killing my only son?

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3 thoughts on “Mr Murderer”

  1. I am not sure how I would reacted because he have life my son doesn’t. Not sure if I could face him. As my pain and anger may over flow. Just looking at him breathing and all he left me with to look at is ground. Not saying you you dont have all those memories and his beautiful smile. But who are you Mr murder who do you think you are to take another woman child life. I am getting angry I an hurt know words to compare. He is a beast .rach you are very strong I will hold your hands and walk the dark path with 💔

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  2. You are very brave to face this man Rachel, if I were you one of the questions I would ask him is; would he like his mother to feel the same way you feel? He would probably say no. If that was the answer then I would tell him that he should spend the rest of his days telling his story to young people and telling them that it is the ultimate crime to take someone’s life and if you commit murder your life will be over too. I hope you have great strength when you see this man to deal with your emotions, stay strong Rachel.x

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