I feel like I am stuck in an endless cycle crying out for an end to knife crime

Talking about the impact the blade had when it abruptly severed one of my life’s line

A year and a half of talking, sharing solutions but little action has actually been taken

Every couple of month’s initiatives are discussed and new measures are shared and spoken

17 months later over 300 people have died from the blade and we have held a summit

Several meetings have been had between grass root organisations and to finding solutions everyone commits

More police on the streets is now the popular option so many citizens want to see

I hear some say more discipline from parents? I say, create for young people more and equal opportunities

Every day we seem to hear the same discussions and the same questions asked

Why are children and young people so angry behind hoodies, Balaclavas and masks”?

People ask what are the parents doing? They are the influence, they say parents, they are to blame

They call us Hoodrats, single mothers, the uneducated say we are raising children to enter the drug and gang game

Give the kids a good slap I hear, that will do the trick

Words of the foolish that believe a beating will bring the remedial fix

Many in my generation were beaten if it taught us respect, why do our children fight back

If we were nurtured in discipline what mistakes have we made that children don’t see that

If children are raised on our values and principles why do they grow so different from other generations

Can it only be the home, or the change in community and lack of opportunity that hinders growth and aspirations

Children are influenced by those around them, you may fear my child but the bad habits are learnt from yours

We need to stop throwing blame as accountability rests at each of our doors

Today where has beatings really got us apart from a generation morally, ethically and racially divided

We beat in the past but what real knowledge has that over the years provided

Violence has produced rage, emasculated individuals, full of ego self entitlement and pride

Eager to take control of their environment and life, eager to embark on life’s unknown ride

We tell young people to put the knife down, but what options and after care is given?

We can go into school with a heartfelt tale and ashes but what tools do we leave to keep them out of prison?

Everyone wants money, we all like to see and have nice things

What career options are available for our young that matches the wealth the street brings

You say mother’s search your son’s, but who supports that mother that lives in fear

Do you even see her need. Or I guess she is who you call feral and will say she does not care

We say put down the knife, but who decides whose knife should go down first

Parents, government, policing, schools, NHS with the amount of solutions spoken are we not fit to burst

Lack of opportunity is caused by interrupted education, lack of knowledge and poverty

Such experience will hinder one’s ability to find decent employment within our community

Growing in poverty within itself creates a different culture where some fail to take accountability

Large families on low income where the eldest child is bound by excess responsibility

Nothing really to do outside of the family home so much unlimited time and no real opportunity

Leaving them feeling hopeless, with no where to go and no way of making money

People want to develop, to enhance their lives and be a better version of themselves

People want to strive for academic strength, wealth and strong nutritional health

People want to pay their bills, enjoy life and keep bailiffs and police from their door

To ensure we all get this dream opportunities for the young simply needs to be more

Equal rights in education, the same and equal opportunities within employment

Give everyone the same opportunities to survive and seek fulfilment.

We are not created and formed in bitterness, detachment, wanting to kill because of an unknown grudge

Many simply want to belong someone and to someone surrounded by hope and LOVE

The paperback edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link


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