Guest blogger

Hi my name is Karmar and I am a victim of knife crime.

I and my brother were stabbed by friends while he drank a bottle of wine

My brother was killed by his own friends in 2018.

My brother carried a knife so some say he deserved what happened to him

His murderer was caught but he never told us why

He mocked my mum as she started to cry

He laughed and told my mum “well I still win, I am not the one in my grave I am alive”.

He winked at me and walked away grinning and doing a little jive.

I remember the look, it’s in my head, I will never forget his face.

I hope he never forgets mine too, he laughed harder when mum said you’re a disgrace

When I heard my brother had died I became very upset,

Something seemed to leave me, but anger took set

I was wondering what was going on and I felt very very sad

The more I thought on it, the angrier I became, I felt myself getting mad

I wanted to leave and see my brother but I was scared to see him dead

I just remembered him playing with me and taking me to the shops instead.

My mum picked me up later and told me he was dead, she was screaming

She was screaming to everyone, no one could comfort I just thought what a thing

Everyone joined in, I was just crying I did not know what to say so just cried

My head could not understand or comprehend why my brother had died

I was more sad for my mum than I was for me because she cried a lot

Her tears still make me feel upset because her crying does not seem to stop

I still cry but I cry in secret because I don’t want anyone to see me

I think my mum is still cross but I don’t think I feel angry

I never want to see the boy that killed my brother as I know then I will be angry

I will want to avenge his death and beat out all my misery

I don’t even want to write this post as I want to stop talking about it

I want someone to find the right solution that can work and really fit

Around all young people no matter of there colour or creed

I want to open stories and positive things I have to read

Put up posters to warn people about how death makes you feel

Murder does not end in death of one, everyone’s life it tries to steal

Hello madness goodbye joy a book written by Rachel Webb following the tragic murder of her 15 year old son is available now on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase your copy today.

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