My handsome face in a picture with the caption, “help find missing boy in South London”

A request then follows to share the pic with all their followers, family and friends

100 plus shares, comments under articles with so many messages hoping that I am found

Where did all these peeps come from because when things were bad none of you chose to be around

Before this article, why was it so hard for you to see me or my need

Things were bad from time, I cried out but none of you saw that I needed to be freed

From young I had problems, yet no one seemed to notice. A bad child was all you saw

There was a lack of love, so I got into bare problems at school, all teachers saw was that I got low scores

Teachers saw anger, disobedience, disruption; I was sent to isolation humiliated on my feet

No one asked why, my mum would get a call and home I went for another severe beat

I ran away, but I was seen to be the bad one. How I was treated was simply ignored

My cries of what I was going through seemed to make others frustrated and many seemed bored

I was moulded to believe that my life meant nothing and no one cared

I was labelled and forgotten no one to love, nurture or steer

I was led to believe I was nothing, so nothing is what I simply became

Nothing disappoints me, as adults all seem to act the same

We are invisible to you until something happens or social media lists us as missing

Prior to the headlines I am just the feral kid, you all have been dissing

You come out now in numbers, but now I am missing; can’t you see it’s too late

The absence of love has left me uncaring, I feel heartless, no love is at my gate

Many missing children are in cunch trying to make some money

We’re carrying weapons for protection and yes I will use if I must and for that I am sorry

But the life I take is not my own, I don’t know them so don’t really care

I don’t believe in love anymore, it was your failing of me that put coldness there

I have looked for a job, and I’ve emailed out so many cv’s, but the answer is always no

Man needs to eat so off to cunch I often go

There is no real appeal, I am simply chasing wealth

Every job in this country can have an impact on your health

So before you click a button to share the missing child pic

What effort will you make to let them know you know they exist

Hello madness goodbye joy a book written by Rachel Webb following the tragic murder of her 15 year old son is available now on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase your copy today.


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